Slaughterhouse 5

Creepy place of the weekend was a venue with ‘sheds for cattle, sheep and swine’, plus ‘a room for Indians’…

Slaughterhouse 5

Meanwhile, back on Thursday.

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9 Responses to Slaughterhouse 5

  1. Nimby says:

    Wonder what confusion/panic might ensue with the bureaucrats if word leaked out out there’s government facility with (a) room for Indians. For example, Eddie Ng’s bunch could not unclench their sphincters until they confirmed it wasn’t a school. He’s been busy trying to close any school that has facilities for/focuses on minorities.

  2. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    Just for everyone’s information the SCMP is now screening comments before posting them, this is a new sinister development.

  3. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    To update my earlier comment, it appears only comments on articles pertaining to the purchase of the SCMP by Alibaba are being screened before posting. Comments on other articles are allowed. All very strange and perhaps a sign of things to come.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    I have deleted from my bookmark list and so should you. I have added instead, so I can keep up with the latest village news.

    By the way, is it true that Maugrim and RTP have passed away ?

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Gin Soaked Boy: Depends…will they be screening comments of the blatant, shrill, abusive “wu mao” trolls as well, or only those that hint at supporting the Umbrella Movement, freedom and government accountability?

  6. Red Dragon says:

    Gin Soaked Boy,

    Sinister, certainly. Unexpected, certainly not.

  7. Cassowary says:

    Go do an experiment. Try posting the most deranged, offensive wumao comment you can muster and see if it gets blocked.

  8. Maugrim says:

    Hi Joe, I read this site each day but I have to say that HK is fast approaching the classification of “sad but true”. I’m aghast at the ‘can’t do’ culture that emenates now at all levels, especially Government.

  9. PCC says:

    If I were flogging the SCMP for HK$2 billion, I’d restrict critical comments until after the cheque cleared, too.

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