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Here it is today.

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  1. Nimby says:

    Interesting that “Aunty May’s” office operates in English only. When will the Cantonese get their taste of Socratic poison, even translated it can’t go down any harder than most Chinese medicine?

    Slumming with Nuri? I’m reluctant to read any rubbish from organ that gives him a voice, doubled down by giving Fecesbook a monopoly on their usually non-functioning comments section. To hand over blood, sweat and tears transubstantiated into a string of noughts and ones in a bank’s database – well, if they start to offer up Chinese language “reporting**” which is the only road to action in this town, then I’ll consider.

    ** Commentary (and inanity from Nuri) isn’t reporting, and what HK really needs is investigative reporting. On this point even Apple Daily with Jimmy Lai’s deep pockets comes in rather weak.

  2. gweiloeye says:


    There’s a toothpaste actually called “Mud”? Someone needs marketing help.


    Agree about the HKFP Facebook comments thing. Raised it with them and got the “it’s the way of the future” response.

  3. Cassowary says:

    I dislike Facebook as much as the next curmudgeon, but think about it. Where is Facebook blocked? Which platform requires people to post under their own names? Facebook comments = blissfully few wumaos. HKFP has one, count ’em, one regular troll, and he’s pretty shoddy.

  4. Docta G says:

    Good idea. I’m going to hyperlink from now on. You can hyperlink to pieces you wrote five years ago and see if anyone notices. Hong Kong doesn’t change much.

  5. Nimby says:

    Now here is an example of an attempt at bit of investigative reporting, the first requirement of which is an attention span longer than a day, it just lacked a bit of time and thrust. Try to beat this into the heads over at HKFP, let them know that using Google Translate to swipe nearly all their non-commentary items from the Chinese press is rather low down the value totem pole, and doing real journalism isn’t really that hard.

  6. Laguna Lurker says:

    I’m with Nimby. Very disappointed to see you throw in your lot with the likes of Nury (tee-hee) Vittachi and abandon your blog for the day, for the sake of a bit of limelight. And what’s up with HKFP’s non-functioning “Comment” section? Moreover, email sent to their address simply bounces right back out of their inbox. [Facepalm]

  7. Tom.G says:

    Hi Nimby, Google Translate would be too crude – all of our reporters are bilingual. Our mission was always to fill the gap between Chinese and English reporting. With pick-ups, we add reactions, original angles and updates to about half of them. And every week, we’re doing original stories, features, interviews etc… (including reporting on dodgy district election candidates!)

    We definitely agree that we’d like more original pieces and certainly, we still have far to go. Bear in mind we’ve just three full-time reporters at Cyberport, our budget is very humble and investigative stuff is expensive. We’re fundraising so that we can invest more in original pieces and fulfil our potential.

    Also: HKFP is a non-profit and we’re in English only as that’s where the deficit is. On the Chinese side there are lots of new independent outlets — InMedia, Post852, StandNews, Initium, FactWire, HongKong01 etc…

    @Cassowary – the trend at the moment is to drop comments altogether from the website as the conversation has moved to social media. I realise this is annoying for some readers, but we might actually also drop comments altogether soon too.

  8. Nimby says:

    Cassowary:‘Which platform requires people to post under their own names? “ Seriously? You do know you are posting that comment on a blog run from within the Peoples Republic of China, even if it is rather odd-man out part? That we’re well into our 50 years of “no change” and the cracks are showing?

    Fecesbook and the CCP are on the same page when it comes to users and human rights. Fecesbook is blocked in China in part because it is slack, it does such a poor, random and arbitrary job of confirming user id, loads of fakes on it. However their sociopath chairman is trying to get access to China so the shit orders uploads on users to China on demand, just as Fecesbook does to the neo-fascist UK, USA & medieval Saudi security organs, among others. No one serious about human rights should go near it. And I’ll stop here.

  9. Tom.G says:

    @LagunaLurker – please drop me a personal msg ( if you’re having any trouble with our email or comments – from our end, all seems to be working well with both.

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