Legco prepares for Invasion of the Nuclear-armed Barbarian Anarchist Hordes

Hong Kong’s Legislative Council is on Amber Alert. For people who have never heard Stan-LegcoAmberof this system – which is to say everyone – it’s a bit like a Red Rainstorm Warning combined with a Number 8 Typhoon Signal, with tinges of a Black Travel-to-the-Philippines Advisory. To summarize the Standard report…

…[Legco] president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing made the announcement of the alert – which went into effect at midnight – a day after the arrest of 10 people in an alleged bomb plot.

A group called the National Independent Party was said to be intent on halting the vote on reforms being put forward by the administration. Ten people were arrested.

“…there is a likelihood of the Legislative Council complex being stormed by radical activists in the next couple of days,” Tsang said.

To ignore the risk assessment by police could see “a serious storming incident then happening.”

…by last night about 100 police officers packing anti- riot gear were setting up in the legislative and Central Government headquarters complex at Tamar…

On the chances of a red alert, Tsang said that would come if there was a threat of “real havoc.”

While this choreographed mass freaking-out is underway, the police charge six with conspiracy to cause an explosion, and bring the press to a reconstruction of the alleged bomb-making terror-plot crime at the old ATV studios in Sai Kung. (The Standard names two suspects: Cheng Wai-shing and Rizzy Pennelli. The former is too common a name, but a search for the latter finds a LinkedIn page – uncool or what? – for a student at Surrey University, England.)

The cops also issue a solemn warning about ‘suspicious persons or objects’. This raises a problem: in the midst of all the contrived panic about the Storming and Pillaging of Legco and the fake-looking National Independent Party, how do the authorities sound convincing if they need to warn us of a genuine threat? Perhaps we need a special Black No-Bullshit-This-Time Alert for special occasions when they’re not smearing opposition activists and some dangerous lunatic really is on the loose.

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9 Responses to Legco prepares for Invasion of the Nuclear-armed Barbarian Anarchist Hordes

  1. Joe Blow says:

    I guess it’s too hot today to bus in the grannies from Tin Shui Wai and Yuen Long.

  2. Not Tim Hamlett says:

    That Jehova chick looks suspicious to me.

    You call, or I call ?

  3. Big Al says:

    Why all the big fuss by Hong Kong’s Finest when they arrest a suspect? It can’t be that difficult – they just need to look for people with black bags on their heads!

  4. gweiloeye says:

    And in other stupidity…Last week i mentioned Chugani column being schitzo. Today he proves me correct. “we” this “our” that. or maybe he just trying to sound more like a member of the royal family.

  5. In 48 years’ time, will the future Chief Executive be paying his respects at the funeral of today’s bomb-makers?

  6. Dame Diane Butler says:

    Message to the ‘foreign interference’ guys who were, apparently, behind Occupy Central: when can we expect the next ‘big thing’ ? Some of us are bored and some of us are itching for some steamy action.

  7. Pastor Flaps says:

    I haven’t seen any action since the Vietnam conflict so, yeah, bring it on.

  8. Dame Diane Butler says:

    I am also steaming for some action. Alf is no longer up to it (he’s 83 and a half) and most of my les girlfriends have left the territory. Pansy Ho is still around but she is not my type (talking about plain: yello !!!)

  9. Knownot says:

    There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
    Dancing with such innocent delight.
    Go out past Kowloon, and very, very soon
    You will see them nearly every single night.
    They huddle in an old abandoned building
    Playing with their fairy-dust and smoke.
    And then they do not stop till they make a little pop!
    What a joke!

    There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
    Dancing with such gaiety and fun.
    There is no need to ask for a leaflet or a mask;
    They have enough for you and everyone.
    The fairies are such sweet and gentle spirits –
    And yet it’s very sad, but some of them are bad
    And mean to do us injury or hurt.
    It may be hard to credit, but a nice policeman said it:
    Be alert!

    (with acknowledgement to ‘There are fairies at the bottom of our garden’ by Rose Fyleman)

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