Evil foreign forces revealed at (great) length


The Chinese Communist Party is perfect and infallible. It follows that if anything ever goes wrong, it is someone else’s fault. Typically, hostile, often foreign, forces are to blame. As well as explaining the otherwise inexplicable, this line supports the official themes of China-as-victim and Party-as-saviour. To avoid having to provide NED-NDI-Report2evidence – and maybe to add to the all-important paranoid creep-out frisson – the accusation is usually vague, with the evil external elements not specifically named.

It was completely predictable that Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Occupy Central movement would attract this sort of allegation. For a while earlier this year, we were invited to read some kind of sinister CIA-or-whatever plot into opposition media mogul Jimmy Lai’s connections with former US Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. And for ages, United Front voices have suggested that pro-dem veteran Martin Lee is a puppet of Western powers on account of his frequent high-profile trips to Washington DC for otherwise pointless photo-ops with officials. After the Umbrella-Occupy campaign started in earnest, Beijing openly charged the US with supporting the protests, naming the National Endowment for Democracy. (The government-funded Reagan-era freedom-and-apple-pie NGO, as previously noted, has worked with Hong Kong groups, including pro-Beijing ones, though no attempt to overthrow the Chinese government apparently resulted.)

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung dutifully echoed this, causing some discomfort among less nationalistic parts of the pro-establishment camp. When pressed, he said he was not making it up, and he would produce the evidence ‘when appropriate’. More eye-rolling ensued.

Now, a 125-page report with glossy 16-page PowerPoint presentation is doing the rounds, showing (according to the title) how the NED and fellow-NGO the NDI are ‘meddling in Hong Kong’s internal affairs’. The report is dated November 14, completely anonymous (the covering letter is signed ‘a Hong Kong citizen’) and in native-standard English. It seems to have been sent to Hong Kong officials, a few pro-Beijing lawmakers, the chair of the UK parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and a few media outlets.

Whoever did it put a huge amount of effort into it. It attempts to prove that NED/NDI started nurturing Hong Kong opposition groups before the Article 23 protests in 2003. It implies that they have been involved in encouraging and planning the recent student/Occupy/Umbrella movement since 2007 and conspired with the pan-dems to organize the (farcical) 2010 ‘de-facto referendum’. It names Hong Kong U’s public opinion polls, Baptist U’s HK Transition Project, Civic Exchange, SynergyNet, HKCTU, HK Human Rights Monitor and others as being partners or fundees (though it omits any mention of the NED/NDI activities with the pro-Beijing political parties). Among other things, it maintains that the public opinion polls are designed to lead public opinion and accuses NED/NDI of ‘grooming’ student activists. It gets heavily into a spooky-sounding ‘confidential’ meeting on November 15 2009 (complete with blurry photos and incriminating quotes) in which pan-dems like Cyd Ho and Gary Fan plotted with local NDI boss Belinda Winterbourne and a guy from some trendy European body with the Bond villain-sounding name of Bruno Kaufmann (who it seems comes from a Swedish town called Falun, which I bet has – a gong).

Much of the report lists seemingly every publication, seminar and other activity that ever took place in Hong Kong and had some sort of NED/NDI connection. Maybe over half of the content is cut-and-pasted from the organizations and events’ websites. The written style of the original material is not of the ‘lone lunatic’ sort produced by enraged oddballs using underlines, bold and deranged UPPER CASE!!! to make their sad points. But it has a heavy hint of ‘grudge’ about it. Among the dark questions it poses: ‘Who else’ in the Hong Kong media have been ‘recruited’ to the NDI cause? Are Benny Tai, Robert Chung, Michael DeGolyer and others aware that they have received US government funds? In what other meetings has [NDI officer] Stephen Tong conspired with legislators to cause tumult in Hong Kong? Not mouth-frothing crazy, but certainly angry about something.

Can’t decide whether the report is the work of the Liaison Office, or (more likely) some ultra-anti-democrat gwailo in need of a life. Someone has tried hard to make it seem credible. The use of the word ‘meddling’ in the title is interesting; Chinese officials use it a lot, and of course it doesn’t really mean anything – it sort of suggests something worse than ‘influence’ but not as despicable as ‘interference’. It also implies that someone doesn’t have anything better to do, which quite possibly sums up condescending Western political NGOs rather well.

Judging from the lack of reaction elsewhere, it seems most recipients tossed the report aside. They haven’t missed much. If this the worst a determined finder of evil foreign forces can find, we’ll be waiting a lot longer for CY’s ‘appropriate’ moment.


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12 Responses to Evil foreign forces revealed at (great) length

  1. Hills says:

    From the desk of that great patriot Dr(!) Alan Zeman?

  2. Joe Blow says:

    I am also a determined finder of evil foreign forces. “Who else ?”, you may ask. Well, I tell you who else !

    The official ‘Political Adviser’ to 689, Ronald Chan (protege of Vagina Yip) was once an intern to Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana), presently the US Ambassador to China. If that doesn’t smell of CIA interference at the highest level, then tell me what does.

    Are you, are you, coming to the T ?

    Theater Lane, Saturday afternoon: bring your suitcase on wheels when you go Christmas shopping.

  3. Stephen says:

    So let’s join the dots – The evil Dr. DeGolyer, sitting in his Baptist University Study, doubtless stroking a white pussycat, who in a convincing game of double bluff claims to be against Occupy Central but is secretly advising Benny Tai to get it over and done with on a Public Holiday and hence bugger it up. But secretly he’s in league with the Young Turk faction led by action man, Joshua Wong who makes a decent fist of it. Thus hurting the feelings of all Chinese people, except the nearly 60% who, miraculously, still vote for the Pro-Dems despite it being hopelessly divided , devoid of political competence and convincing electable politicians.

    Meanwhile at the headquarters of MI6 “M” (Dame Conscience) and “Bond” Martin Lee …

  4. Cassowary says:

    OMG, foreigners! Who let foreigners into my international financial center? Who let STUDENTS into my universities?!

    This is unacceptable! Unacceptable, I tell you!! WARRgaggrghBHBHL!

  5. Cassowary says:

    A lot of this stuff appeared in a Ta Kung Pao report about a month ago. It was a good laugh, really.

    Several years ago, the Americans caught a ring of Russian spies in Washington D.C. These agents had been living and working in the US for decades, enjoying an upper middle class American lifestyle and sending their children to fancy American private schools. They were supposedly providing their handlers with “inside information” about Washington influence peddling – which lobbyists and think tanks and NGOs were meeting with which legislators and White House officials. In fact, most of the intelligence they sent back to Russia was public information freely available on the internet.

    If this report wasn’t written by the Liaison Office, someone probably collected a fat paycheck from them in return for their “top secret access” to Hong Kong’s evil foreign plotters.

  6. Knownot says:

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er streets and flats
    When all at once I saw a crowd
    A host of foreign democrats
    In the library, in the park
    Murmuring and meddling in the dark.

    Numerous as the lights that flash
    And twinkle on the harbour side
    They hand out leaflets, donate cash
    In places where they cannot hide.
    Ten thousand see I when I look
    Now I name them in a book.

    For oft when on my couch I lay
    In vacant or in drunken state
    I thought: I must be strong today
    I can no longer hesitate.
    And then my heart with courage rose
    And wrestled with the NGOs.

  7. Tom says:

    Bravo, Knownot.

  8. Real Lax Mayor says:

    Come on Hemmers, don’t leave us hanging, link the PowerPoint..

  9. Fei Jai says:

    My money is on the bloke mentioned in the link below. Google him and you will find myriads of tirades on various issues. Some of his critics believe ‘he’ is more than one person.


  10. Finn Again says:

    Larouchians, scourge of Loudon county, no doubt about it.

  11. Cassowary says:

    A friend of mine mentioned this Cartalucci guy. Thinks Ebola is a biological weapon unleashed by the CIA to destabilize Africa or somesuch.

    Conspiracy theories are all about taking comfort in the belief that the world is out to get you. If every bad thing that happens is because of shadowy enemies, you don’t have to deal with the fact that life is messy and that nobody is ever in perfect control. Which must be part of the appeal for control freak authoritarian regimes.

  12. Knownot says:

    Tom – Thank you.

    I should have said at the time – your ‘Zen’ piece on November 13th was very good.

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