Caterpillar, Christopher Chung declare race war

I have to read it a second time to make sure – but yes, it really does say

The government will allow developers to start selling flats 30 months before they are fully built as opposed to 20 months at present in an attempt to boost home supply.

Next thing, they’ll boost the supply of oranges by letting market stall owners sell them before they’re harvested. Of course, it ‘boosts supply’ insofar as it might help satisfy some people’s pathological urge to feel they are purchasing real estate – just so long as you don’t want to do anything weird like live in it. Activist Lee Wing-tat tells the South China Morning Post that the measure sounds like a good way to allow developers to clear their inventories before the Great Property Crash of 2014 wipes out all the suckers who bought at the top of the market. The developers themselves sound suitably grudging and ungrateful.

Traffic mayhem and carnage resulted recently after a car driver freaked out when a man-eating caterpillar attacked her. Needless to say, it happened in Lantau and so is barely worthy of our attention – except for one tiny detail in the Sun’s report, namely that the woman’s husband is foreign. This presumably made the repulsive creepy-crawly all the more aggressive.

It is a sentiment shared by at least one other invertebrate: lawmaker Christopher Chung Shu-kun BBS, MH, JP. (BBS = Bronze Bling for Shoe-shiners, and JP = Look at me, I’m a justice of the peace even though I have no idea what a justice of the peace is. But MH? Mildly Harebrained? Medal of Honour perhaps – but aren’t all medals ‘of honour’? I’m stumped.)

The legislator proposed a motion yesterday criticizing the ever-rising cost of the West Kowloon Themed Cultural District Mega-Hub White Elephant Zone. It should have passed easily but for some reason in his speech he lapsed into what RTHK calls racist comments; foreigners shouldn’t be involved in running the project, he said, because they are ‘flawed by nature’. Pro-democrats voted the motion down (see page 7 – the vote was split along the usual lines, except the pro-dems found themselves in effect defending the government).

Chung himself is, needless to say, flawless by nature, as we can see from his bio. Excellent breeding stock. He is a member of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment Etc of HK, our friendly local Chinese Communist Party front. Still, with some overseas education in his past, he is quite cosmopolitan by DAB standards; many of his colleagues would not even think of mentioning barbarians in polite company.

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least one Executive Council member and one legislator who are married to people who are flawed by nature. Anyone wishing to send Chung their best wishes – or just ask him what the hell an MH is – can email him at [email protected] .

Sinking my teeth into a lovely, juicy, but ungrown and yet-to-be-plucked-from-the-branch orange, it gives me great pleasure to declare this three-day weekend (is it really 16 years?) open.

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32 Responses to Caterpillar, Christopher Chung declare race war

  1. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    I have some sympathy for Chung, as I note he was educated amongst the Viet Jock at the Glasgow Caledonian University, formerly known at the East Kilbribe Polytechnic for Razor Slashing and Head Butting. He is clearly traumatized by the experience.

  2. It’s easy to get upset about these people. But remember, no one has heard of them twenty miles either direction, just like all the columnists, pop singers, celebrities, TV presenters.

    We on the other hand are a big hit in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. We must have hit a chord. The automatic key word gatherers from the USA also chime in as soon as a post is written almost. God, they must have servers the size of Montana.

    I am not going on the demo. I think they should give Bela Lugosi Junior, Mr Leung, a longer chance. The last demo I went on was in support of Robert Mugabe. How wrong can one be?

  3. Regislea says:

    “Educated” in both Scotland and Wales – no wonder he thinks white folk are flawed by nature. This man has seen nature red on tooth and claw!

  4. Regislea says:

    Sorry – red in tooth and claw

  5. Worm Flu Patient Zero says:

    Gin Soaked Boy. I agree. For anyone whose experience of foreigners is based on a four-year stint in East Kilbride, “flawed by nature” is a pretty restrained comment. I was trapped next to a drunken Scotsman in Staunton Street sportsbar some years back. He spent the good part of an hour telling me Tiger Woods’ dad was Scottish. And, as you’re aware, there was no easy escape. My options were either a) a fist fight or b) listening to him and nodding. As a non-threatening Englishman, drunken Scots in HK often make a bee line for me. I’ve also been trapped next to a drunken Highlander in a TST beer garden who swore he’d fought alongside the Hmong in Vietnam. I thought it was bullsh#t but I couldn’t be 100% sure.

  6. Worm Flu Patient Zero says:

    Oh, and I don’t know if anyone remembers the previously-urbane Scot who went into a complete meltdown at the FCC after Gazza scored his peach of a goal against Scotland in the 1996 European Championships.

  7. Worm Flu Patient Zero says:

    And here’s the goal that caused the bother

  8. Mjrelje says:

    Shame, Chung has blocked that email address. I wanted to ask if it was perhaps ‘Mainland Headed’ (brainwashed). Guess we’ll never know.

  9. Regislea says:

    “Complete meltdown at the FCC?” – Surely not?

  10. Fred the RTP says:

    Surely even more hair-brained is the whole cultural district white elephant and the fact that no matter how racist caterpillar Chung was, LEGCO didn’t vote down the increase.

    F**K ! That’s my hard-earned tax money they are throwing away, when all we really want is some grassland and few trees

    I saw a report a week or so ago that that they want a least another $25 BILLION on top of the $21.6 B they already have ( which I think is about 3 x the original budget of $6 B…. correct me if I’m wrong on that point) and we might as well move the whole of Guangzhou city there to save the cost of the new high-speed rail.

    I’m taking bets at 2:1 on that the final cost will exceed $100 B .

    PS: Three cheers for Ecuador !

  11. Sid the Local Tax Payer says:

    It does seem that being flawed by nature is contagious, or at least hereditary, since the children of the Lantau mixed couple are also categorised as devilish unpersons. And yeah so it shall be verily I tell you until the seventh generation.

    Seriously though, when a barbarian, especially a foreign one, is appointed to a senior local post, it must be the time to sell your shares, because skeletons must be abounding in the cupboard.

    It’s hard to get your head around the extending of the selling-to-complete-mugs-scam. Presumably such deals should be discounted at least 20%, since there’s more than a 50-50 chance the market will drop by 40% within 30 months.

    But, by temporarily increasing the supply, it’s presumably designed to cool the market, albeit at the expense of the dreaded negative equity raising its ugly head in due course. But one can suppose that CY will be out on his ear long before then.

  12. colonelkurtz says:

    MH = member of the house (legislative assembly)? Fits with his job if you call bouts of sleep mixed with the rare votes to shoe shine the govt and the occasional xenophobic rant, on the odd days you turn up, a job.

    JPs visit prisons etc to see if the conditions are OK. I’m told by somoene who is one, I don’t know if it was jokingly, that they have a quota of smoking vehicles that they’re meant to spot every so often. Sounds so quaint it may be true. Maybe they get badges like scouts.

  13. Incredulous says:

    The way the SCUMP carried the story Hemmers is referring to was interesting. The paper led with the angle “buyers at risk” should the government allow an extension of the flat presale period, but the real shock was halfway down in a quote by former lawmaker Lee Wing-tat: “The government is helping developers clear their stock before prices fall. This will push buyers into disaster.”

    That is exactly what the measure will do. Developers are being helped by the government to make quick sales at the current highly inflated prices while actively encouraging the buyers of 15,000 flats to pay the ridiculous amounts just before an expected drop in property prices. Why would the Richardheads do that?

    Maybe the government’s popularity is already at such an all time low that CY doesn’t even pretend not to be in the pockets of the parasite tycoons. Hopefully this will add another million people to the July 1 march (or 12,000 using the official police estimation method).

  14. Oneleggoalie says:

    How disappointing after all this playful racism that not a single sheep chaser from British Scotland comes forth to defend their honour…
    And Oneleg its getting tired of trolling Indians and Jews without any reward…well…except for that idiot who got his panties in a bunch when we laughed at Jews stoning Jews in the Bible.
    Anyone seen World War Z…? Good…?

  15. maugrim says:

    Anyone who has ever worked in a HK office will be familiar with the hysteria that errupts whenever members of the insect world dare to invade. As to the evil whitey, I can’t imagine a politician in Canada getting away with similar comments about Asian residents. Perhaps its time for yet another splinter protest faction at July 1st’s rally. White power doesn’t cut it though, sounds like a washing powder.

  16. Thus spoke Cerebos says:

    Personally I embrace my flaws. And those of my friends. It’s what makes life interesting. That’s before I’ve even started on vices. Doubly interesting.

    Just relieved to be starting the weekend safe in the knowledge that by implication we have at least one Zarathustra running the show. Are there more?

  17. Chris Maden says:

    @oneleggoalie / @maugrim “sheep chasers unite” on July 1st? Quite pithy, and not at all like a washing powder name.

  18. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    Clearly Me. CHUNG did not go to one of the great universities and this has coloured his judgement.

  19. Fred the RTP says:

    What Chung actually said was not “flawed by nature” but rather “floored by nature”, which is barbarians ( and their Chinese wives) grovel with fear when attacked by creepy – crawly caterpillars (and racist DAB members – same thing) .

  20. Sojourner says:

    “sheep chaser” is a bit of a euphemism though.

  21. Peter Johnson says:

    Why is everyone being so mild?

    This Chung fella is obviously revolting.

    I can perfectly understand that he might have had a less than pleasant time in Glasgow, but “flawed by nature”? Give me a break! How come there’s still so much of this infantile Middle Kingdom thinking in Asia’s World City (sic)? Or is this what membership of the DAB does to people’s brains?

    One look in the mirror should be quite sufficient for this toad to see what “flawed by nature” really means.

    Oh and by the way, does the University of Wales have a campus in Newport? It certainly didn’t when I stalked the valleys.

  22. Henry says:

    @Peter Johnson

    When our friend went to the “University of Wales at Newport” I think it was called the Gwent College of Higher Education. Not being a snob, just saying……

  23. Henry says:

    @Peter Johnson

    And…. yes, you are right, everyone here is being far too mild, Chung is a revolting specimen and any real world city would have him in court answering charges of inciting racial hatred. But the mildness in this forum is just an echo of the lack of reporting of this shocking, disgusting statement in the mainstream HK press – ie none that I have seen so far. Imagine a UK MP, say, Nadine Dorries, saying something similar, and the press reaction to that

  24. Rory says:

    In your day Peter what is now the ‘University of South Wales’ was Gwent College of Technology. By a series of mergers and name changes it became University of Wales College, Newport. Then that merged with the University of Glamorgan (which started life as the South Wales and Monmouthshire School of Mines, before becoming The Polytechnic of Wales, known as Ponty Poly) to become the now University of South Wales.
    Alles Klar?

  25. Fred the RTP says:

    An early bird report too weird to pass over, and which makes caterpillar Chung look like a butterfly.

    Remember the great Chongqing sex scandal (one of many) , in particular the party cadre who was secretly filmed having sex… Lei Zhengfu ?

    From today’s SCMP :

    “The case of Lei Zhengfu , a former Beibei district party chief who was purged from office after images from the video were posted online, led to the downfall of more than 20 government and state enterprise officials in the city.

    Lei, 55… at his trial told the court :

    “Although I’m quite lecherous, I’m not greedy for money”

    Buhahwahwahwah !

    PS: I’m sure that’s also Tony aka Peter Chan’s defense LOL !

  26. yet another idiot says:

    Re “except for that idiot who got his panties in a bunch when we laughed at Jews stoning Jews in the Bible”

    Anonymous racists do seem to appreciate support to help rationalize their idiocy, but “we” are curious how you arrive at the conclusion that “we” here included anyone but you. “We” didn’t hear this laughter that you seem to crave.

  27. Antony says:

    It does seem strange that in response to a piece by hemlock on the ridiculous racism on display, we see several anti Scottish sentiments – how ironic.

    The current president of Iran studied at the old Glasgow Tech College and it did him no harm.

    Anyway, this tired old crap about a violent Glasgow is totally dated and was never in fact true….. and the next person that mentions violent drunk Scotsmen is getting a right good kicking.

  28. Sojourner says:

    “and the next person that mentions violent drunk Scotsmen is getting a right good kicking.”

    Hear, hear! And please pass the port.

    The two subjects that are destined to engender heated and acrimonious exchanges here —

    Thatcher (on which subject Hemlock is sadly misguided)


    Racism and/or the Arab/Israeli conflict.

  29. delboy says:

    Perhaps this government HGO can assist in correcting Cheung’s attitude.

    But probably not

  30. SIR Jimmy Savile says:

    Agreed Antony …. and, of course, I’m sure none of us has ever witnessed any Englishmen making complete asses of themselves here. Simply preposterous. Proper gentlemen to a man. Even their drunken attempts to clobber you unawares in the back of the head with a beer bottle while uttering incomprehensible gibberish exude a certain class that is near impossible for those brutish Scotch to match.

    With regards to the quality of education on offer in dear old blighty, I was reading somewhere that 1 in 4 graduates from the English school system lack the literacy skills to successfully fill in an application to work at McDonalds. Jolly good show, I say. Wouldn’t want the lower orders getting any funny ideas don’t you know.

    Ah Glasgow, it is difficult to compete with the sophistication and charm offered by such world class metropolises south of the border such as Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford ……. Glaswegians certainly could learn a lot about mass, sustained, city wide, looting and violence from the inhabitants of those fair cities.

  31. Fred says:

    Newcastle Brown : “Probably the best beer in the world for making you fall over and talk total rubbish”

  32. delboy says:

    I am writing in reply to your complaint dated 30th June 2013 about racist comments made by Mr Christopher Chung Shu-Kun.

    Under section 45 of the Race Discrimination Ordinance (Cap 602) (RDO), it is unlawful for a person, by any activity in public, to incite hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of another person or member of a class of person on the ground of the race of the person or members of the class of persons.

    The comments made by Mr Chung appeared to be inappropriate. However, under section 4 of the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance (Cap328), no civil or criminal proceedings shall be instituted against any member of the Legislative Council for words spoken………..bla, bla,bla……….

    In view of this, the Commission regrets that no further action could be taken.

    Regards, Lam Ka Po for and behalf of Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission.

    So, it’s up to those in LegoLand to deal with him. Fat chance eh?

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