An ‘eats, shoots and leaves’ moment

A day when nothing is happening coincides with one of those outrageous but mercifully rare occasions when I am expected to do some work. Just time to relate my bemusement upon opening the Standard this morning and seeing the following… 

Some writers are saying that the North Korean regime is planning to murder Adolf Hitler. That’s Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). It says a lot about the government of Kim Jong Un that a reader glancing at the headline does little more than raise an eyebrow at something apparently impossible, illogical and lunatic. Coming from Pyongyang, it’s entirely plausible.

So I read on and find out what it’s actually about. Then I examine the headline more carefully and see – my mistake – that it makes sense after all… 

We see what we expect, or at least wouldn’t be too shocked, to see. Good thing I bothered to read the first paragraph.

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4 Responses to An ‘eats, shoots and leaves’ moment

  1. Well spotted! It’s a classic.

    We don’t need North Korea for laughs. On RTHK Radio 3, we have Steve Vines and Harvey Stockwin. Steve has just said “I admire your acumen” and “Look at the way it crumbles”. Harvey meanwhile hasn’t heard about yesterday’s attack on Jimmy Lai.

    They both sound so breathless. I can attest to the stuffy atmosphere of RTHK but they both sound like they need oxygen. Or laughing gas.

    And now it’s the NSA Massage….

  2. Bela Breathless at NTSCMP says:


    The news said in reference to the stock market:

    “There may be some bottom fishing in the afternoon”

    Then Stave came back on and said:

    “They have their photos taken with big nobs.”

    Are there subliminal messages here somewhere?

  3. master racer says:

    It’s not just the subStandard. The PCMP today had a line about a jockey who had a “cat scan” at the Queen Mary Hospital after a racing accident. They didn’t specify if it was Persian or Manx.

  4. Real Scot Player says:

    It’s not just jockeys that like to check out da pussy

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