The CE’s Property Address in a nutshell

Nice orange colour, huh?

“OK. The big issue. To ward off a mass uprising, my government will gradually arrange for a few citizens to acquire slightly more affordable residential accommodation in the coming years, though these will be pretty nasty apartments, and the underlying aim will still be to channel most people into the arms of the property cartel eventually.

“To help dampen public hostility towards these often-misunderstood real-estate tycoons, we will symbolically clamp down on a few of their more egregious scams and rip-offs; we will also provide a high-profile opportunity for them to pose as great philanthropists by donating a slice of their obscene profits to a new bureaucrat-run fund to supply relief to the infirm and elderly deserving poor in our more wretched parishes.

“But wait! There’s more! To enable school textbook publishers to continue gouging parents by printing endless and pointless new editions, we will go on tossing a few bucks around so families on the breadline can afford the things; to spare employers the burden of paying such people enough to get to work, we will throw in some bus subsidies too.

“As always, we really love the Motherland and are getting really excited about the next Five-Year Plan and are considering various measures with relevant departments and authorities to continue increasing, facilitating and enabling yet more cooperation, partnership and win-win mutual benefits across the border. I mean ‘boundary’.

“Turning to paragraph 113, I am delighted to report the air is getting cleaner every day, and it’s now at the stage where you can hardly find any sulphur dioxide, suspended particulates or nitrogen dioxide even if you want them, though it’s still a bit fuggy at the roadside occasionally.

“I’ve never mentioned cats before in a policy address. No-one has. There – I’ve done it. First time since 1842!

“Thank you for your attention.”

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6 Responses to The CE’s Property Address in a nutshell

  1. Maugrim says:

    I’d love to know where their development plan is for both the medium and longer term along with relevant KPI’s.

  2. Pussy Galore says:

    Your lack of give-a-shit is as predictable as Donald’s, but the mismanagement of stray dogs and cats is actually a superb example of bureaucratic ineptitude, avoidance and even duplicity. The government refuses to implement the scientifically-proven strategy of trap-neuter-return based on the spurious legal argument that it would somehow become liable as the animals’ “owner” if it did so. Why not just say you don’t want to pay for the vets? And who the hell is responsible for wild animals on SAR land if not the SAR?

  3. claw says:

    Donald said he wants his govt/business fund to help the poor in HK who are not covered by the current CSSA and other govt schemes. This begs the questions
    a. who are these people, and
    b. why are they not caught in the current safety net ?

    Perhaps the govt should have answered these questions and then adjusted the current safety net accordingly.

  4. Censored says:

    Comments on stray animals not allowed? Non-endorsed informed critical comment unwelcome?

  5. Maugrim says:

    Censored, let me guess, you’re a stray animal advocate? What’s the word for something that froths at the mouth and runs around barking and trying to bite people? Rabid.

  6. isomoliu says:

    Google translation of the Chinese title: “Prosperity of people sharing the same boat my ass”.

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