Emergency update from Odell (2)

Anyone out there get up like really early in the morning? Like me today. It used to be that RTHK 3 just played some kinda taped show with all music and no talk right up to the morning news show at 6.30.  then maybe 3 or 4 months back, cant realy remember, they put a real live DJ on. This guy Tim Littlechild. (They don’t have any cash right? So maybe he does this show for free like an intern, who knows?)

So I have to listen to this guy screamin at me FREAKIN LOUD the minute I wake up and I tell you this guy just TALKS an TALKS and TALKS. It doesn’t stop. He talks over the beginning of the record then the middle, then the end. Then he finds some retard excuse to talk some more like read some half-assed crap like a list or celebrity gossip as suggested in Being a Morning DJ For Dummies  And most of the time it’s between songs and he’s just blabbing away at 100mph and really seriously urgent and frantic like he’s kinda desperate to tell you.

Know what I think?  (Dead giveaway really – just listen to him)  He’s on speed.

Why not?  He has to get up even earlier in the morning than the listeners, so I reckon he just pulls an all-nighter in Wanchai or somewhere and drops a black beauty around midnight and gets to the station all sweating and hyper and Zingggg! “Hello good morning listeners blabbah blabbah blabbah, let me shout at you at 100 mph while youre still half asleep.”

Am I right or what?

Also, the music he plays just sucks, I mean who wants to hear Two Doors Down by the Mystery Jets at 20 to 6? Totally f***ks up your hangover I tell you. I just wanna know the weather.

Mind you on the subject of bad music…

Click to hear Martha - Jefferson Airplane

(This music is just freakin impossible to listen to.  Sorry.)

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  1. Biographer says:

    My hypothesis is correct. Hemlock is getting up early in the morning to give the first bottle to his new brat (what MUST it look like!!) AND/OR is living in a hostel where the only entertainment is the radio. Poor sod. Apparently, the Indonesian woman (42) arrived with her suitcase, the baby and all her immediate family living in Hong Kong (62 last count). Hemlock took his Blackberry and is living in a love motel in Wanchai. He thought that was safe cover until there was a knock on the door and the brat was thrust into his arms. Getting most of the Indonesians out of his flat wasn’t all that difficult as they couldn’t take the CD collection, the rows of boring books on American history and the complete lack of windows. More updates from the street as soon as I get them…watch this space.

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