Emergency update from Odell (3)

Jeez, just found this in his thumb drive…

Dusting cinnamon powder over his pomegranate-tree oil and organic frangipani iced mocha in the clinically pristine surroundings of the newly renovated IFC Mall branch of Pacific Coffee, wild American friend Odell

I’ll spare you the rest, but I mean puhleeze! I never ever drink that shit OK? I just have regular.  He’s just making this stuff up and it’s like complete BS from start to finish.

OK, so where is he? Apparently Southeast Asia (But I guess not Thailand cos the Hong Kong government says it’s dangerous and obviously if they say so it must be true right?.)  Not sure what he’s up to. Who cares. Obviously some place where they still don’t have internet but apparently he’s rigging up some sort of system with rickshaws and he’s on line later today or tomorrow.  OK that’s it. Outta here.

The voice of Suzy: “I’ve come home to my mothers…”

Concentration Moon - Zappa

Hey that’s another freakin 10 years for mutilating the flag right?!

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  1. John says:

    I rather prefer this stuff to Hemlock’s, to be honest.

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