Emergency update from Odell

Jeez, OK so you know all of a sudden he’s away an all on urgent business (he says), so I’ve gotta try and keep things going somehow, like I’ve even got the time. I told him I’ll post some of those stoopid “collage” or “mural” or whatever pictures he does cutting n pasting photos he steals online and as usual if you click on them you get a link to some of that equally stoopid old music he insists on listening to.

And if I can think of anything to say I will but I guess that’s it for today. He’s back soon.  Freakin better be.

Click to hear Tam Lin - Fairport Convention

Hey doesnt this break some kinda flag burning law or something????

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2 Responses to Emergency update from Odell

  1. So he hasn’t flown the coop accompanied by shapely Adminstrative Officer Winky Ip?

    Whatever. Hope he’s well and in good spirits.

    Keep up the good work, Odell.

  2. Biographer says:

    The buzz on the streets is that the long-awaited nemesis of Hemlock has arrived in the shape of a son! One of his Indonesian paramours presented him with the same, a bouncing baby boy, and the great man has been lying low ever since.

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