Unfortunate juxtaposition du jour

The Standard’s tragic combination of gushing, groveling coverage for the rich, like Allan Zeman, alongside exposes of nonentities’ sex scandals backfires a bit today…


He who lives by the shoe-shine, dies by the shoe-shine.

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3 Responses to Unfortunate juxtaposition du jour

  1. Historian says:

    I didn’t notice the hair-loss headline at first and thought it was just him inadvertently looking like a giant prick. But then that would hardly be news, would it?

  2. Adrian says:

    Or else the editor has a keen sense of humour…

  3. Richrd Straw says:

    I think I might have been to bed with this baldy. From what I can remember he was bloody useless. However on the plus, he did send through the mail a few days later vouchers for two 12-month tickets for Ocean Park.

    Actually, he would probably make a reasonably good HKSAR Chief Executive, even though he’s only pretending to be Chinese. A bit of eye work at Mr El-Plastico Surgierieo should help the cause.


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