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Carrie reaches out to the kids

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam offers university students some Reach Out and Engage ‘listening to the young’ tender-love-and-care Sincere Dialogue. Did she do this because she thought it would make her look good if they said Yes? In which … Continue reading

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Message from a cabbie

Hong Kong’s English-language press tends to refer to prominent pro-Beijing figures as ‘heavyweights’. This is partly because these individuals’ United Front honorifics are laughable, not to say long-winded. You can’t squeeze ‘Member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s … Continue reading

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What now?

As the clean-up starts at the Legislative Council, the Hong Kong government and its friends go into choreographed hair-pulling meltdown over disgraceful young thugs wrecking our precious rule of law. You’d almost think the protestors had tried to force an … Continue reading

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Disqualify This

One lesson from June 2019: every time you think ‘after the events of the last few weeks, probably not much will happen today’, humungous mayhem is about to break out. Hong Kong’s Great Extradition Uprising of 2019 shifted from 5th … Continue reading

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Some holiday reading

‘Hong Kong is angry because its people feel less superior now the Mainland is no longer so backward and impoverished’. If you can remember when Hongkongers used to curse taking consumer goods and cash over the border to their relatives … Continue reading

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Chris, Donald and boycotts rear their heads

Another day, another two (or was it three?) protests – hitting consulates, calling for democracy and G20 intervention, and barricading the cops in their HQ again. At some point, such assemblies might get stale, embarrassing or counter-productive – if the … Continue reading

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Differences from 2003

Here’s an amusing line from the CNN report the day after Hong Kong’s July 1, 2003 march against Article 23… Despite Tuesday’s massive protest, analysts say it is unlikely to bear any significant outcome on the future of the law. … Continue reading

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Not dysfunctional, but deliberate (Pt 2)

The idea that Hong Kong young people are driven to the streets purely by too many Mainlanders/not enough housing is simplistic and insulting – they are resisting CCP threats to their city’s freedoms. But on-one can deny that rising inequality … Continue reading

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It’s not dysfunctional – it’s deliberate (Pt 1)

All of a sudden, it seems Hong Kong needs a ‘fresh start’. Officials who, a few weeks ago, were trying to destroy the barriers protecting the city from Chinese Communist Party-style justice have miraculously transformed into contrite and reflective semi-innocents. … Continue reading

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Twilight of the spineless

Hong Kong’s most morbid pastime is ‘Guess the Next Chief Executive’. Today the spotlight turns on Secretary for Propping Up Sunset Industries Edward Yau, who is dashing, sophisticated and oozing charisma. They could appoint a garoupa and it wouldn’t make … Continue reading

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