Security Bureau-themed photography exhibition to attract millions

The Hong Kong government will hold a range of activities to encourage interest in the patriots-only District Council elections next month. The events include a ‘drone show’ (lemme guess – candidates giving speeches?), free museum visits and outdoor music, which will take place only the day before the election. 

Chief Executive John Lee hopes people will not just vote, but buy stuff…

“Before the voting day, we want to enhance a sense of engagement, so that on December 10 everyone comes out to vote. We want to raise awareness, we also want to cheer everyone up. This is also the point of improving district governance,” he said.

“We hope more people will join these large-scale events in Hong Kong… and we will have more local consumption. This is what we have been trying to promote, to have people stay in Hong Kong to spend money and cast their vote.”

(The theory is that people would love to vote, but have an urgent massage/dinner/shopping run to Shenzhen that day.)

You may also get officials knocking on your door urging you to cast a ballot. (‘Hello! Yes I will – when you let the candidates I support out of jail. Thanks for the fridge magnet! Goodbye!’) RTHK reports that its own staff are on the streets promoting the polls. If you encourage people not to vote, however, the ICAC will arrest you.

After 71% last time, the authorities would probably regard a turnout of over 30% as a success. Less than 20% would look pretty bad. But an all-patriots/zero-opposition slate is the main thing.

While candidates permitted to take part are handing out leaflets on the street, League of Social Democrats members are facing 26 charges for unauthorized fundraising and displays of posters.

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7 Responses to Security Bureau-themed photography exhibition to attract millions

  1. Lo Wu Vuitton says:

    Pikachiu says: “We hope more people will join these large-scale events in Hong Kong.” If large-scale events is what you want, I can think of a few, and they will automatically include “fireworks”. Two for the price of one.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    When you have to work THAT hard to get people to give a shit about your rigged, so-called elections…

    “This is also the point of improving district governance” John “Hang Dog” Lee said. Seriously??? Without any competition and being anointed for various DC seats, wouldn’t it be understood that the “winners” would be held up to an even higher standard to “improve district governance”??

  3. Mary Melville says:

    The folly of having a handful of elected candidates cover districts ten times the size of previous constituencies is being revealed. Recognition and connection are no longer possible. The electorate knows that the two winners can never provide a focussed service, the essence of district adminstration.
    And this is just the tip of the iceberg, going forward the detachment between representatives and residents will manifest itself in many undesirable outcomes.

  4. Wolflikeme says:

    Guessing all the people who left also used to vote.

  5. Load Toad says:

    So it doesn’t matter if we vote but they’ll spend millions of our tax dollars trying to get us to vote.

  6. Piggy Lee says:

    A Letter to Wan Chai Rodents

    My relationship with Wan Chai started since I became the Wan Chai Street Walker of the Year 2003, and served as a District Mamasan in 2006, and became an elected Working Woman in 2009. Throughout my 18 years of service, I have experienced both sunny and stormy days, especially when it rained. I have attended Lonely Men’s meetings in many evenings, advocated for senior-friendly Happy End facilities and improved personal hygiene for sailors during the two-year dry spell on my street corner. My service over these 18 years lives vividly in my memory and those of the US Seventh Fleet.

    Under the reformed District Council, we expect to see many new and fresh faces joining from Mainland China. This makes it even more necessary for experienced street walkers like me to serve the community, continuing to address ongoing issues like the clap and the syph. I hope to use my experience to serve all residents of Wan Chai on a regular basis. You can register online. As an independent ho, I will prioritise residents impartially, depending on their income without the fear of any authority, like those cops.

    As a full-time working girl of Wan Chai, my dedication to serving my clientele has remained unchanged for 18 years.

    Please vote for me NO.4 Piggy Lee. Thank you!

    Piggy Lee

  7. Knownot says:

    Piggy Lee –
    A very sweet, persuasive letter. I wish I lived in your District.

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