Just a pic…

…from last week, putting the PLA threat into perspective.

A volcano (magma dome, to be precise) up a hill from a northern suburb of Taipei. Steam, water geysers and a very weird smell. The CBD is 10 miles away.

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4 Responses to Just a pic…

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Guessing the “weird smell” is sulphur? Great for hot springs and we know that’s what Winnie the S*t is actually aiming for!

  2. happypappy says:

    xinbeitou — used to live there

  3. zatluhcas says:

    Excellent link. I also suggest you check out The Economist’s special feature on the readiness of the PLA, published this week, for further perspective.

  4. The censored artist formerly known as Joe Blow says:

    Hemlock living life on the edge again. Indiana Jones, eat your heart out.

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