DP can’t take a hint

In a bold display of masochism, the Democratic Party hopes to field eight candidates in the forthcoming District Council election. In order to run these days, you need nominations from members of Area, Fire and Fight Crime committees, which are all of course part of the ‘patriots-only’ milieu – the sort of folk who perhaps wouldn’t even accept a DP restaurant booking. On top of that, these people’s contact details are not publicly available.

Some say DP participation will lend legitimacy to the all-patriot election system; others think they could highlight its undemocratic nature. Are the powers that be subtle enough to allow one or two Dems onto ballots (for polls they will presumably lose)? The really interesting thing about the DC election will be how low the turnout will be. (The DAB has a plan.)

Some other stuff…

The always-readable CMP on China’s attempt to rival the Palme d’Or and Golden Horse film festival prizes – the Golden Pandas…

Why are you hearing about the Golden Panda Awards from the China Media Project, and not from Empire or The Hollywood Reporter?

…No filmmakers were seemingly involved [in overseas promotions], deepening the sense that this was about neither audiences nor auteurs, but rather about the Chinese state.

The Guardian on Xi Jinping’s summertime blues

Xi has had a rough few months, with natural disasters, economic headwinds, disappearing ministers, community dissent and international spats. But he sails on regardless, even as experts say it’s likely to get worse.

“It’s obvious he’s had a bad summer,” says New York University professor Jerome Cohen, a leading expert on Chinese law and human rights. From the international community to academia, Chinese people and the political elite, Cohen says “there’s a lot of signs of dissatisfaction”.

Asia Sentinel summarizes the latest personnel changes in China’s security apparatus…

The recent purge of many senior Chinese military officials including a defense minister, a former defense minister, and a former foreign minister suggests turmoil within Beijing’s defense establishment, with Zhang Youxia, a trusted ally of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is even more senior than a defense minister, believed to be next for the chopping block. Foreign and defense ministers Qin Gang and Wei Fenghe respectively have already been removed. More recently, Li Shangfu, the current defense minister, has been placed under investigation after being appointed only in March. In addition, several senior officers of China’s rocket force, which oversees its strategic nuclear missiles, have been purged and one has died.

…There have been or will be secret trials and possibly private executions of the suspects, but no public trials, because that will be too embarrassing for Xi, a foreigner who declined to be named told Asia Sentinel. “He trusted the wrong proteges.”

Bill Bishop’s latest Sinocism newsletter asks about Qin…

I have heard his mistress had an apartment near the [Wash DC] Ambassador’s residence and that he was a regular visitor, which raises a whole set of questions if that is true. Did the FBI know, and did they gather photographic/video/audio evidence of the affair? How many staff members at the PRC embassy knew but did not report the discipline violations? What happens to those who knew and either did nothing or helped Qin? Qin spent about a decade in the UK. Did he do something similar there?

Some advice from Geremie Barme to academics and others on how to engage ethically with China today. The first half is devoted to his past experiences grappling with surveillance, informants, self-censorship and other dilemmas.

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4 Responses to DP can’t take a hint

  1. Russell Brand says:

    Discipline violations…mistresses…photographic and audio evidence. It’s potentially better than a Channel 4 documentary about me. Can’t we have the steamy details? You’re such a tease.

    Purges are closely related to enemas. There’s something shady going on.

    Talking of deviance, you’re not quite right about Democratic ‘masochism’. They really can’t stand any degree of pain, I can assure you. It’s just pure old onanism. André Gide liked it too – “The pleasure given equals the pleasure received”, he said. I think we have the Democrats there. Sorted.

  2. Dem dems tho says:

    Re Dems:
    Said it before — The DP couldn’t lend legitimacy to the all-patriot election system if they tried but participating in the all-patriot election system will definitely lend illegitimacy to the DP.

    Re DAB voter idea:
    Really showcasing the kind of intellectual halfling patriot groups nurture: trying to fix a low turnout problem by coming up with a scheme mathematically guaranteed to make the turnout percentage even lower. Bravo!

  3. True Patriot says:

    Re Dems:
    Look what the Singkies do with their ‘opposition’.
    Ridiculed, ignored, prosecuted, bankrupted.
    But listened to?
    No Lah!

    Re DAB voter idea:
    Holy Cow! Why not give every person above 18 on the mainland a right to vote? One country, remember?

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