Just some typhoon detritus

One part of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ is alive and well: middle-class Mainlanders come to Hong Kong to put their cash into higher-yielding bank deposits and insurance products. Not, to some people’s dismay, restaurants’ tills.

Some bits and pieces lying around…

The Spectator on China’s new ‘standard map’, which has pissed off – to some degree – India, Nepal, plucky little Bhutan, Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. (Anyone I missed?)…

Within China, the map has become an obsession. Books are especially scrutinised by the CCP, to the extent that many foreign publishers avoid putting any type of map – even historic maps – in publications destined for China, since the censorship process is now so tortuous. 

The author could have mentioned that at least some of the 19th Century Qing territories Chinese nationalists today dream of ‘reclaiming’ were Manchu conquests.

France 24 on Country Garden’s Forest City mega-project in Malaysia, now the Mainland developer is struggling – and who among us would not? – with US$198 billion in debt…

Launched under China’s Belt and Road Initiative with a company partly owned by a powerful Malaysian sultan, Forest City houses around 9,000 people, way below its 700,000 target.

Construction workers chip away at the island city by day while an eerie silence falls over its deserted four-lane highway at night.

…A three-hour drive from capital Kuala Lumpur, the city attracts visitors who want to catch a glimpse of the space-age towers or buy duty-free alcohol.

“Everyone comes here for the liquor,” said Singapore-based technician Denish Raj Ravindaran, 32.

“I will not stay here, it is a ghost town. The road is dark and dangerous and there are no street lights.”

Actually, sounds kind of fun. Well, in parts…

An artificial sand beach littered with beer cans where families picnic under coconut trees also bears a sign warning would-be swimmers about crocodiles.

Intriguing (if you’re into this sort of thing) post on how the Japanese changed Taiwanese place names – complete with some great century-old old maps.

Thread by a US commentator tracking the transformation of the Heritage Foundation from supporters of Reaganite foreign policy principles to proxies for Russia.

The Prime Minister of Albania tells a joke – not a bad one. 

And from Mother Jones – time to end dog culture.

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6 Responses to Just some typhoon detritus

  1. Nite Lyfe says:

    “Everyone comes here for the liquor,” said Singapore-based technician Denish Raj Ravindaran, 32.

    How does Joan Collins hold her liquor?

    By the ears.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    As far as the American right abandoning everything “strong on defense”, “tough on commies”, “hands-on foreign policy”, “all out for free trade”, “law and order”, “America: Land of the Free” and “morals and character mean something”, well it’s just one more small step towards total https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiocracy

  3. Mjrelje says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the dog culture. I’d imagine the writer would have a melt down if she ever came to Hong Kong!

  4. Mary Melville says:

    “middle-class Mainlanders come to Hong Kong to put their cash into higher-yielding bank deposits” while we locals despite the significant hike in interest rates find only a few additional dollars added to our monthly statements.
    Your dedicated minder at the bank is too busy dealing with the packed waiting area full of the aforesaid to have any time for the local customers.
    Complaint to Eddie, boss at HKMA, that he should be ensuring that locals enjoy the benefits of the higher interest rates was fobbed off with the typical copy and paste text on its role and advising that you take the matter up with your bank.
    Just another reminder to One Country, Second Class Citizens that the priorities of our governing system are no longer focused on their benefit.

  5. wmjp says:

    I was amused by the photo in the SCMP showing mainland crowds at BoC branch. As if that will keep their money out of the purview and hands of Mr X.

  6. Reader says:

    What ‘dog culture’?
    Hong Kong has plenty of those ridiculous poodles in pushchairs, but they aren’t really much of an imposition on the rest of us. And I don’t see anyone else caring particularly. I don’t know what Mother Jones is talking about.

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