Jarring headline found

My immediate response at first glance: ‘Oh no, Maria Tam has died’. It’s even sadder.

(Why do people feel a need to go out in boats and get up close to big sea mammals?)

The police are encouraging cab drivers to pass on details of any ‘terrorist activity’ they spot…

The campaign comes after a cabby received the first anti-terrorism reward in March for helping in the arrest of two people convicted of plotting a bomb attack in a taxi.

An HKFP op-ed on how China pollutes the sea more than Japan, though bans seafood from Fukushima…

Possibly the largest source of ongoing marine radioactive pollution from China is coal use. Coal contains several radioactive elements, including radium, thorium and uranium. When coal is mined, processed and burned, these elements are released into the environment and can be transported to the sea by rain and wind. Coal ash, which can be more radioactive than nuclear waste, leaches radiation into waterways and thence to the sea.

Another potential source of increased radiation in the sea is China’s nuclear industry. With more than 50 plants, and about two dozen under construction, China is one of the largest — and soon to be the largest — producers of nuclear power.

It is already doing to other countries what it accuses Japan of planning to do: releasing radiation from nuclear facilities into the environment. For example, one-third of the radiation dose experienced by people in Seoul comes from Chinese nuclear power plants.

Saw some of these money remittance ads in London a few weeks ago – now targeting Hongkongers.

The UN Special Rapporteurs’ comments on Hong Kong’s proposed laws on crowdfunding.

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8 Responses to Jarring headline found

  1. Jennifer Anne Eagleton says:

    While I dislike Maria Tam intensely, I don’t like attacks on one’s personal appearance – there enough other things you can criticize her for.

  2. Nury Vibbrachi says:

    It’s what the journalists call the silly season.

    There are humans in sun bear costumes, dogs painted to look like wolves and donkeys with black and white stripes in Mainland zoos they suspect.


    Of course it is all metaphor. Hong Kong has AI cloned Transcommunists painted up to look like normal rational human beings. And they are running the show!

    Never mind. England’s feminine Lionesses will thrash androgynous China at football this evening. I love it when they start kissing each other after they score a goal. It’s better than Razzle.


  3. Joe Blow says:

    If Maria Tam was a Barbie doll, she would be “Pro-Beijing Heavyweight Barbie”.

  4. Mark Bradley says:

    “While I dislike Maria Tam intensely, I don’t like attacks on one’s personal appearance – there enough other things you can criticize her for.”

    This is Hemlock’s platform and he shall speak as he pleases. Fact is she is fugly inside and out.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    Waiting for ads to pop up in the MTR with “heavyweights” like Eunice Yung stating “As a Hong Kong patriot, I won’t financially support dissident family members overseas, nor should YOU”.

  6. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells says:

    You appear to be siding with the wrong victim there: the whales are the ones having their appearance attacked, being compared to Tam.

  7. Mjreljekk8! says:

    All this banning of Japanese sashimi / fish will at the direct possible benefit of which nation’s fishing industry?

  8. The Whale of Ngau Mei Chau says:

    @Mark Bradley
    and this is the comments section and Jennifer can comment as she pleases, which she did in a fair and polite way, no? I doubt Hemlock needs you defending him on the comments section he invites public discussion on. I agree, I think passing comment on someone’s appearance is below Hemlock’s otherwise witty standard. Keep it classy folks.

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