Has ‘soft resistance’ spread to the UK?

Blue songstress and TV chef Maria ‘Fei Ma’ Cordero was scheduled to have a short series of fundraising concerts for the Chinese Information and Advice Centre in London next month, with publicity material featuring the ‘Hello/Happy Hong Kong’ slogans. Word is that Hong Kong emigres bought up rather a lot of tickets with a view to attending and, perhaps, demanding that she sing a forbidden song – or possibly even pelting the stage with rotten tomatoes and ruining her voluminous flamboyant costumes.

Anyway, it has been postponed until next year. The organizers say ‘Thank you for all your love and support to Maria Cordero…’.

You want a personal ‘Hello/Happy Hong Kong from Maria? Here you go.

(Very noble of her to do charity gigs, given her reported financial problems. Or not.)

More forthright evidence from Gwyneth Ho in the HK47 trial…

“It’s hard to put it politely. But the emergence of the national security law made the Basic Law a condom,” she said.

Representing Ho, barrister Trevor Beel asked his client if she agreed with the allegations made by the prosecutors, including Ho having an intention to subvert the state power

In response, Ho said she disagreed, but added that she could “understand” why her actions could be seen as subversive.

“I can understand why, under the logic of mainland China, this can be seen as subversion – I mean requesting democratisation. But if a common law court endorses this, then I think it is causing mutual destruction to the Basic Law,” Ho said.

And more arrests of people associated with Nathan Law after police ‘smash’ the yellow economic circle Mee Punish Club app.

Sanctioned CE John Lee barred from visiting the US for the APEC summit in November. Along with Putin. As a White House spokesman puts it…

“We’re looking forward to the participation of all APEC member delegations in accordance with U.S. laws and regulations.”

Some weekend reading…

From Forbes – the Hong Kong wannabe who was desperate to get on the Forbes billionaires list. A delectable blend of entertaining and pitiful…

…A surprising number of people try to fake their way onto our Billionaires list every year, and at first glance Lo just didn’t seem rich enough. R.E. Lee International [Lo’s company] was not well known in Hong Kong … and making billions from reselling insurance policies seemed far-fetched.

But the pitching was persistent … An article had even run on the website of Forbes Middle East, one of our independently run licensed editions, that called him a billionaire; upon investigation, that “article” turned out to be a paid “advertorial” from Lo’s team, and it has since been taken down. He has never been on the Forbes list, and it’s past time to set the record straight.

…He doesn’t have a stake in the F1 racing team. He doesn’t own the Mandarin Oriental, Taipei. His homes, based on addresses he supplied, belong either to his parents or to other people. Harvard Business School has no record of anyone named Calvin Lo graduating. Neither his charitable foundation nor R.E. Lee Octagon appears to exist…

The Council for Foreign Relations describes the disappearance of Qin Gang as a setback for Xi Jinping.

For dedicated China-watchers, a very lengthy report from Chatham House on the appointment of leading scientists to China’s Politburo.

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6 Responses to Has ‘soft resistance’ spread to the UK?

  1. Nury Vibbrachi says:

    I am glad Gwyneth knows about condoms. They used to be called Dick Bartons in the very old days. Dick Barton was a radio private eye famed for his sensational escapes from danger and captivity. Rubber Johnies were called Dick Bartons because “if he could get out that he could get out of anything”. Perhaps Gwyneth is giving coded messages to her escape gang.

    Blessed are the linkmakers. I now have my comments linked for everyone to see. I am so proud.

    John Lee ought to be called Norman or Eric. He is so boring. But he is making it to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore just to prove how international he is. Goooooodddd boy!!!!

    Pathetic androgynous China play fiery Haiti in the Wimmin’s World Cup today. As both teams are from nations which believe in voodoo food consumption, there must be some nervous exotic animals in Adelaide. They have pandas and tigers in Adelaide Zoo. I suppose they are well guarded and safe.


  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    John Lee’s just another unelected mayor of a mid sized Chinese city. Why would he have needed to attend a meeting with heads of state?

    Go slurp on a bowl of noodles, Droopy Dog.

  3. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    John Lee meets the head of state of all the countries he visits.
    Does he not incite the ASEAN people to think that he is representing the country of Hong Kong?
    Ahhh – got it!
    Two countries one system…

  4. Stanley Leiber says:

    RFK Jr update from his congressional testimony:

    “A government that can censor its critics has license for every atrocity — It is the beginning of totalitarianism. There’s never been a time in history when we look back, and the guys who were censoring people were the good guys.”

    He has his finger on the pulse of the non-elites.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    He has his finger on the pulse of the knuckle dragging, Q-Anon believing basement dwellers.

    He says the same old regurgitated crap about “government” every little wanna be Big Guy spews in order to gain a few followers. And his second sentence directly addresses that little bitch in Florida who, ironically, actually gives RFKJ credence.

  6. Ian Hislop says:

    An elitist writes…

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