Will Gay Games in Hong Kong cause nation to collapse?

A thread on the Secretary for Security’s claim that it is up to May Day march organizers to explain why they abandoned the event, when they suggest cops told them they would break the NatSec Law if they discuss it.

As well as May Day gatherings, threats to national security include slogans, a piece of music, kids’ cartoon books about sheep, and library books (with the Audit Commission, of all departments, taking an interest). What about the Gay Games?

Officials have avoided endorsing the event since Carrie Lam nervously referred to it as the ‘same-sex games’ (though the Tourism Board have been pushing it). Now lawmakers are urging the government to scrap it as some sort of NatSec risk. 

Everyone is under pressure to prove their dedication to NatSec (ask the Audit people). Will the government be tempted to declare yet another activity a danger to the security of the nation?

From HKFP item, an apparently accurate translated quote from Junius Ho’s petition:

We think the HKSAR government should not encourage or support the Gay Games such that people interpret [the government] as supporting the Gay Games, and even the legalisation of gay marriage…

I’ve binged on Japanese TV series for years, and noticed cliched stereotypes of minorities in the genre (or general climate) becoming less crude. Currently watching My Brother’s Husband. Based on a manga (of course). Not too mawkish, and features a Canadian character (played by an Estonian ex-sumo wrestler whose English seems far worse than his Japanese).

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10 Responses to Will Gay Games in Hong Kong cause nation to collapse?

  1. Nury Versace says:

    Sorry but I can’t leave this alone once I start…perhaps the last word.

    I saw that oaf Vittachi gave a TV interview looking like a Mini Me Ted Cruz in his grey beard. Pathetic look. Vittachi will never look tough in a million years.

    It’s good that the little humourless man has decided to be anti-colonial twenty-six years after colonisation ended in Hong Kong. He was very much pally with the colonials when they were here. His rapprochement with China is heartwarming in a way but also very funny. The irony is that NV has lived in Hong Kong for decades surrounded by five, six or seven million Chinese who despise him for being an ah cha. If he is looking for racism, look no further than China and Hong Kong. George Wallace had nothing on them.

    Dancing on his needle of hate and frustration against all things White, this Englishman NV (yes he is certainly non-vintage) would for once in his lifetime produce a good book if he could write down all that aggression and prejudice bubbling away in his tiny breast.

    There. Done. Thank you for listening.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Junius Whore:
    It’s always those that are the most shrill and offended at homosexuals and other “deviants” that are the ones with closets full of skeletons just waiting to fall out one day to expose their so-called moral perfection.

  3. reductio says:

    Vittachi and Chandran Nair in the same room would be something to behold. Having reached a critical mass of anti-whiteness in such a confined space the resulting explosion of bullshititudity would power Hong for weeks.

  4. SourSweet says:

    Don’t know if anyone’s noticed but Octopus are doing a lovely Winnie the Pooh ‘Adult 3D Ornament’ collection at the moment. It’s unclear what the National Security glitterati will think about this promotion, but I’m pretty sure J-Ho will have special place for it.

  5. Casual Observer says:

    Vittachi would throw his own mother under the bus if he thought it would further his career. He’s an opportunist, nothing more.

  6. wmjp says:

    ensure books do not threaten national security

    Burn the libraries to make sure

  7. Lord Seb Coe of the IOC says:

    Everyone knows Same Sex-ers do the best Frisby Flops. High Jumps with sass!

    I rest my case at least one event will be a straight winner

    Er, will be a great winner. Can I collect my fee now?

  8. Mary Melville says:

    Meanwhile, a veteran member of the DAB, Lo Man-tuen ……… said even if a voting element is to be included after a government review, the number of directly elected councillors should not be too high.
    Only in the weird system imposed on Honkers would a political party actively seek to reduce the number of seats its members could contest.
    But then our system is unique in the appointment of legislators from political parties who have not garnered support via the ballot box.

  9. Red Dragon says:

    My lord Coe.

    Is, perchance, the so-called “Fosbury Flop” the term for which you grope?

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