Dictatorship of the proletariat worth a shot?

HK and Macau Affairs boss Xia Baolong recommends that Hong Kong use Communist Party theory to solve its problems. Maddeningly, he refrains from identifying which theories (though he alludes to the ‘two establishes’ and the ‘two safeguards’) or which problems. Needless to say, we eagerly await more details. (Can dialectical materialism bring the millions of tourists back?) 

Jimmy Lai files for the right to hire an overseas lawyer, claiming that the Committee for Safeguarding National Security exceeded its powers in barring Timothy Owen from representing him…

“There is no power or jurisdiction to determine specific questions arising from cases, let alone overturn judicial decisions,” Lai’s application read.

According to Lai, “the whole judicial administration would collapse” if the national security committee “stretched [its] interpretation of its powers” to decide any issue concerning national security.

Even if the courts agreed with Lai, an ‘interpretation’ or other device would presumably overrule them. Either way, it doesn’t do much for the old ‘rule of law’ image.

‘Be water’

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2 Responses to Dictatorship of the proletariat worth a shot?

  1. Gary Glitter says:

    You didn’t mention that CIA employee the Dalai Llama.

    All we need to knife China is French kissing paedophilia.

    All this analysis you do is nothing in comparison.

  2. Boris Badanov says:

    What was the Songkran reference juxtaposed against our cuddly Secretary for (in)security about?

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