Thin-skinned government 

Security Secretary PK Tang has yet another go at ‘inaccurate’ cartoonist Zunzi for doing the sort of satirical work he has been doing for decades without government officials complaining. And the Justice Secretary rejects criticism of the crackdown, saying that only a small percentage of the Hong Kong population are being rounded up under NatSec/sedition laws that criminalize non-violent behaviour that was legal for decades. Officials could at least come up with better arguments.

Maybe the rest of the week, mostly being public holidays. will be less hypersensitive.

Probably back Tuesday.

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6 Responses to Thin-skinned government 

  1. Mary Melville says:

    Now the real deal re GBA is revealed, Honkers sends its youngest and brightest north in exchange for minibus drivers, construction workers and waiters.
    The increased demand they will generate for subsidized homes will bolster claims that both Northern Metropolis and massive reclamation projects are essential.
    That this migration will keep wages low an added bonus for the business cabal.

  2. fish says:

    PK 仆街, indeed

  3. Jesus says:

    Don’t mind me noticing but a little respect, please

    I’m literally dying here for you ungrateful fuckers

  4. northernmonkey says:

    @ Jesus – you’ll be back on your feet in a couple days mate

  5. Roman Centurion says:


    Och, shut up, Son Of Whoever.

    And take this spear up your armpit.

  6. Jesus says:


    “you’ll be back on your feet in a couple days mate”

    All very well for you to say, mate, but getting back on my feet is a right regal pain. My endurance is large

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