Meanwhile, back at the NatSec 47 trial…

HKFP is following the PanDem 47 case (here and here), and there’s a short regular HK Watch update (site seems to be blocked on some ISPs, so might need a VPN or whatever). Au Nok-hin, who has turned prosecution witness, is giving evidence. The (slightly) amusing part is that he isn’t helping portray the prosecution’s alleged grand conspiracy so much as recounting endless bickering among the various pan-dems about the supposed strategy behind the primary elections…

…Democratic Party primary candidates refused to sign documents relating to vetoing the Hong Kong Government’s budget…

Common primary platform amongst democrats was not signed due to fears of disqualification. 

Not that it will probably make a difference.

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10 Responses to Meanwhile, back at the NatSec 47 trial…

  1. Reichsjustizpräsident Sid Gozzer (Court No 44) says:

    Lock em up. It’s the only language they understand.

    But once you start…

    The Judges’ Trial (German: Juristenprozess; or, the Justice Trial, or, officially, The United States of America vs. Josef Altstötter, et al.) was the third of the 12 trials for war crimes the U.S. authorities held in their occupation zone in Germany in Nuremberg after the end of World War II.

    The defendants in this case were 16 German jurists and lawyers. Nine had been officials of the Reich Ministry of Justice, the others were prosecutors and judges of the Special Courts and People’s Courts of Nazi Germany

    The indictment was presented on January 4, 1947; the trial lasted from March 5 to December 4, 1947. Ten of the defendants were found guilty; four received sentences of lifetime imprisonment, and six received prison sentences of varying lengths.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Outcome decided, game over.

  3. Mark Bradley says:

    So the Oriental Daily editor went off script:

    Even the blue ribbons are fed up with how brain dead the local government is.

  4. @Joe Blow (Taxi #NTSCMP) says:

    Any chance you’ll get around to some funny Private Eye homage?

    Much more you

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    Re: Oriental Daily article – No one could even come up with some even entirely made up “good stories”??? Aiyaaaaaa!!

  6. Full Detail says:

    The Oriental Daily News tweet appears to have been removed.

    If anybody actually has a copy of that issue of the paper it may become worth something.

  7. Mark Bradley says:

    Full detail: tweet is not removed. I just checked and it works

  8. Full Detail says:

    Oriental Daily tweet still inacessible for me, from either of the links provided. Presumably something to do with my computer, which is not currently in HK. Am not personally on Twitter.

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