Ear-splitting renovations upstairs ‘not really happening’

Some good news: out of over 7 million Hongkongers, a mere 1 million are distressed/deranged/massively pissed by renovation works in nearby apartments. So 6 million aren’t. Even more amazing – only 200,000 flats per year in the city undergo major jackhammering and drilling. Pity they’re mostly in my neighbourhood…

Lawmaker Tony Tse Wai-chuen asked why contractors would be allowed five days’ consecutive noise, whereas in Singapore the maximum is three days.

EPD’s Samuel Chui said the government “did not want the renovation trade to be unduly affected while we are starting the scheme,” but promised there would be a review of the limits in the future.

Obviously we can’t have people being ‘unduly affected’ by new laws. Ask the 47 pan-democrats whose NatSec case continues with (among other things) a judge advising those defendants who have actually been given bail not to engage in dangerous sports lest they hurt themselves and waste public resources if the trial is delayed. Some US lawmakers demand that the prosecutors be sanctioned.

The SCMP goes into contrived righteous anger mode over yet another playing of the ‘wrong’ Hong Kong anthem at a distant and obscure sports event, thundering…

…one has to ask why the wrong tune was played in the first place, and whether those responsible for preventing mistakes could have done more. Answers are eagerly awaited.

Oh yes. Sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of finding out.

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6 Responses to Ear-splitting renovations upstairs ‘not really happening’

  1. donkey says:

    “Obviously we can’t have people being ‘unduly affected’ by new laws. ”
    Wonderful. So, apparently they make laws, and then they see how it plays out….
    Classic, very Greek.

  2. HK-Cynic says:

    I was waiting to see “Glory to Hong Kong” played at the Rugby Sevens in either/both Los Angeles and Vancouver. Alas, the Hong Kong team didn’t even make it to those venues…

    Maybe they decided that they couldn’t train properly if they had to wear masks on the pitch….

  3. wmjp says:

    Wrong tune:
    National anthem blunder: Hong Kong authorities must get Google to fix search results problem, sports federation says after latest mix-up

    Perhaps it is a measure of the intelligence (or lack of) and general knowledge of Hong Kong’s administrative and bureaucratic “elite” that they don’t realise that Google is not the only search engine in the universe…

  4. Fire Marshal Bob says:

    So it’s okay for high rise construction to go on at all hours? Like in TST?

  5. Mary Melville says:

    Bob can relax and inhale the lingering acrid smell from a TST monument to developer greed supported by government departments – despite obvious issues re the location -as work on the Mariner’s site will be suspended for weeks.
    In addition to the difficulties of access for fire engines and dangerous road conditions for pedestrians on both the Minden cul-de-sac and the MTR entrance to the front, this behemoth deprives local parks and streets of sunlight and ventilation.
    Another HK “Good Story’ in the international press

  6. Mary Melville says:

    As for Fire Services bleating about blockages within the building, hopefully the investigation into the fire will question how come they do not inspect these constructions sites on a frequent basis as they are renowned for ignoring regulations.
    FS in fact steers clear of the big boys, I have made a number of complaints re blocked access in malls, etc, that were brushed aside.
    But when it comes to minor infringements that pose no hazard or obstruction in residential buildings FS is on to it.

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