Great moments in Hong Kong entrepreneurialism…

Providers of government-subsidized adult education courses – aimed at spurring a knowledge-based economy – have been advertising their classes as preparation for emigration…

The [Audit] commission cited one case where a course provider had marketed its education services to people hoping to work as electricians and plumbers after emigrating to the United Kingdom.

(If it’s any help, the government launched the funding scheme 20 years ago as a response to globalization.)

A business-related lawmaker called Jimmy Ng notes that the labour force in Hong Kong has dropped by some 140,000 in the last two years. There are lots of stats covering various time periods and/or age groups, and of course various ideas on which factors – aging, emigration or plain ennui – are the main causes. But it looks at least like a drop of maybe one in 20 of the overall working-age population, and more like one in 12 for the 20s-30s segment. 

Legislator Jimmy asks officials to ‘mend [the] social rift and create a relatively relaxed and tolerant political environment’ to reduce emigration. Radical stuff for today’s LegCo (other members dragged NatSec into the adult education fuss). The Labour Secretary replies that… 

…Chief Executive John Lee will continue to lead efforts to unite and motivate all sectors of the community, resolve economic and livelihood conflicts, develop a sense of national identity and strengthen communication with the people.

I guess that’s a ‘no’.

A pointed HKFP op-ed on the removal of a pair of banners supporting gay participants in Saturday’s Hong Kong street marathon…

No good story here. Hong Kong is better than this. Or is it?

Best not answer that.

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13 Responses to Great moments in Hong Kong entrepreneurialism…

  1. The Great Unnwashed says:

    We’re coming back.

    “Meanwhile, the Tourism Board said around 500,000 visitors came to Hong Kong last month, triple the figure from the month before.” (RTHK today, 16 Feb 2023)

  2. Sid Gozzer (Cab 47888) says:

    Someone got in the cab the other day with a T-shirt reading:

    Show them you’ve got balls!

    What does it mean ?

    I had that Nury Versace in the back once. He told me some jokes but I didn’t think they were very funny.

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    ANY time you welcome the LGBTQ crowd and their pink dollars, you win. Look at Taipei, Sydney, San Francisco, etc etc…

    So naturally HK chooses to shoot itself in the feet and align with the Saudis, Qatar, UAE, etc etc…

  4. Joe Blow says:

    @Sid: did you strap him in the babyseat?

  5. Red Dragon says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but compared to the puerile, sub-Private Eye witterings of our persistent in-house cab driver, I find the wit and wisdom of little Mr. Vitasoy positively side-splitting.

  6. Skippy the bush NSL trial says:

    Another government-sponsored good Hong Kong story here:
    Confirmation that people are getting paid $800 a pop by the CCP’s United Front Work Dept to queue to watch the 47 pan dem’s NSL kangaroo court show trial, thereby muscling out the pesky general public who might support or observe.

  7. justsayin says:

    @Chinese Netizen the net advertisers have actually been spamming my banner ads recently with ‘Enjoy Saudi Arabia. Freedom!’ ads recently to see if I am still paying attention. Maybe HK should take note

  8. Mark Bradley says:

    I thought these fucking idiot patriot scum didn’t mind if the black shirts left? I hope one day the tables turn and they get the NSL47 treatment but UNLIKE the NSL47 they will deserve it and there will be a lot of crocodile tears.

  9. Stats Acrobat says:

    Hemmers: “Lawmaker Jimmy Ng notes that the labour force in Hong Kong has dropped by some 140,000 in the last two years… But it looks at least like a drop of maybe one in 20 of the overall working-age population, and more like one in 12 for the 20s-30s…”

    Canto-community will tell you it’s MUCH more. Tens of thousands are now “walking with two feet”… setting up a new home overseas, getting the kids into state schools, but not cashing in their MPF yet (some can’t, sneaky trick by HKSARG) – so not showing on emigration data.

  10. HK-Cynic says:

    So he’s planning to do extensive tours and interviews at Hong Kong’s prisons?

    Zheng [Yanxiong], former director of the central government’s office of safeguarding national security in the city, succeeded Luo Huining as the new liaison office director last month.

    A fluent Cantonese speaker, he said he had requested each of his colleagues to listen to views from all walks of life, so they would “understand Hong Kong, love Hong Kong and act for the good of Hong Kong”.

  11. HK-Cynic says:

    In other words, Hong Kong is rapidly becoming “just another city in China”. New Orleans has a fun and unique culture all its own as a city in the US, but it isn’t a “world city”. Hong Kong is becoming China’s New Orleans. A far cry from China’s New York.

    Two-thirds of the successful 7,700 applications for Hong Kong’s new talent scheme are from the mainland while the rest are from overseas, Secretary for Labour and Welfare Chris Sun Yuk-han told lawmakers in an antechamber meeting.

    But most of those living overseas are also mainland Chinese, sources said, and it is estimated that up to 95 percent of applicants hold a Chinese passport.

  12. Reader says:

    @ The Great Unwashed

    Footfall’s coming home ..

  13. justsayin says:

    I would make the case that Guangzhou already is China’s New Orleans

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