Independent Covid inquiry released

The latest on the NatSec 47 trial. The pan-dems devised an elaborate (maybe overwrought, maybe fanciful – but 100% constitutional) plan to use an election to peacefully gain some real political power for the popular opposition. Or, in the plain terms used in a normal democratic system, win. It’s clear the authorities want to portray this as sinister and evil by accentuating the concept of ‘conspiracy’ and the prospect of mayhem if pan-dems had gained enough Legislative Council seats to reject a Budget. What the prosecution can’t do is establish that the attempt was illegal. Because it wasn’t.

Thoughts on the trial from Nathan Law.

The Hong Kong government won’t allow an independent public inquiry into its handling of Covid. But here’s one anyway from Dr Owens – and admirably pithy it is, too… 

Government policies have consistently been at odds with evolving scientific evidence. Why?

It is important to release the minutes of these meetings

…The Hong Kong response focused on top down control rather than education

It was characterised by silo thought with unquestioning fealty to the prevailing political narrative 

Politicians and the Health minister criticised those who advocated for evidence based policies

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4 Responses to Independent Covid inquiry released

  1. Stanley Leiber says:

    Dr. Owens’ contemporaneous observation on HK Covid policy:

    “Ignore some of the evidence all of the time.
    “All of the evidence some of the time.
    “Then kill the hamsters.”


  2. Dr Owen's secretary says:

    Dr Owen: “The idea that this can happen without any form of objective review focused on identifying lessons AND FIRING & PUNISHMENT OF INEFFECTIVE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATORS THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEMS for the future seems extraordinary to me


  3. Jack Kevorkian says:

    The policy of the HK government was the same as the Mainland, Japan, UK…infect as many old folks’ homes and not vaccinate as many old folk as possible. I should think so too. I was just a man with a van. They got it down to a policy.

    As Big Pharma and the phantom Tory crony protective equipment dealers said in UK:
    “Death’s been good to me.”

  4. Eggs n Ham says:

    In the Stand News trial, Chung Pui-kuen is carrying water for the rest of us as the prosecution batters him with its mendacious first draft of revised history.

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