Know, understand and recognize our edges

The Hong Kong government sets up a ‘good stories’ task force to…

…[devise] narratives for the new situation, new potentials and new opportunities in Hong Kong under its new development stage. …the Task Force aims to allow friends and stakeholders in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas regions to have a more comprehensive understanding of Hong Kong’s advantages and opportunities so that the city’s edges can be fully known, understood and recognised.

Interestingly, the new new new normalcy is all of the post-Covid variety rather than anything icky following the 2019 ‘social events’, ‘terrorist attacks’ or whatever it’s called now – but telling stories well is hard with the NatSec complex’s arrests and show-trials apparently becoming a permanent ongoing facet of Hong Kong’s image.

Along with an array of Bureau heads, the task force includes the usual property developers, other business types, government-friendly academics, token ethnics (with two Germans) – and media figures Li Ruigang of CMC and the SCMP’s Tammy Tam. Also, ‘partner organizations’. It sounds like a pretty unwieldy line-up, but this exercise is probably more about telling task force members what line to push at conferences rather than gathering their advice on how to spin contemporary Hong Kong. 

Prepare to be amazed. Or something.

On the subject of NatSec – HKFP’s monthly update on the crackdown. And eight more people were imprisoned for 11-45 months for being at a protest…

Now, in all, 892 #HongKongers have been sentenced to a total of 1,432 years in prison for political crimes. Hundreds of others have been sentenced to non-fixed terms in juvenile detention or remanded in custody pending completion of trial, for a total of 1,325 #PoliticalPrisoners

Fancy your skills at serious heavy-duty spin? Try helping Wang Huning craft Beijing’s replacement for ‘one country two systems’ as a Taiwan policy.

Are we running out of ideas to win love and affection or what?

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6 Responses to Know, understand and recognize our edges

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Not only does Wang Huning win “Boot Blacked Head of the Year” award, but I’d go further to say that chap doesn’t actually have a single strand in that Beatles quality mop top that is actually his own.

  2. Reactor #4 says:

    Talking about democracy, free speech etc., this link might be of interest:

    It looks like the failed state that is the UK (which has a Tory government, at least in name) wants to ape HK regarding a planned anti-protest bill. The irony is very definitely not lost on me.

  3. Old Mind Doctor says:

    ‘The city’s edges can be fully known, understood and recognised…’

    Probably meaning ‘Hong Kong’s competitive edge is best projected to the international community’.

    The rolling good news blather is in need of a crusty, competent, native English writer.

    Hemmers, submit your CV immediately!

  4. Ho Ma Fan says:

    “Our laws must make it unimaginable for people to commit crimes, such that they would not dare to do so. It is too late to punish them after the fact.” says our Secretary for Security. So we’ve already dispensed with innocent until proven guilty, and now we’re not even required to wait for anyone to commit a crime. Great.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Ho Ma Fan: “Minority Report”. Red ball!!!

  6. Mary Melville says:

    Re Ho Man Fan: With such an ironclad system there should obviously be no need for
    security forces?????

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