Security Secretary vs Google

Security Secretary Chris Tang vows to ‘correct’ Google’s search results in order to ensure the right tune appears when people look for Hong Kong’s anthem. He says the company’s refusal to change the results hurts Hong Kong people’s feelings and is ‘unacceptable and unbelievable’

Does he realize that the more he makes a public fuss about this, the more people will probably – out of curiosity – visit and link to sites containing the wrong anthem, thus strengthening the algorithm’s ‘wrong’ results? Does he think Google is like a public library that can be ordered to remove Joshua Wong books from its shelves? Does he know that anyone can use Google or other means to find thousands of flags, banners, articles, memes and other materials that he would consider subversive online? 

The Hong Kong government has three options. One would be to calm down and live with it. Another would be to put paid ads on Google (which he mentions). The third is to ban Google, or indeed all unacceptable websites, via a Mainland-style firewall – though of course that would only have effect within Hong Kong. (Exciting fourth and fifth options from the Standard: an IT society boss suggests that the government sue Google, while lawmaker ‘Dr’ Elizabeth Quat proposes that the police ‘step up online patrols’.)

HK Democracy Council comment on latest prison sentences for riot.

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13 Responses to Security Secretary vs Google

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    The imbeciles tasked with “running” the former British colony just keep scoring self goals. How many times must they repeat actions that highlight their utter stupidity and lack of awareness to the world before they realize they’re just insignificant butts of jokes? Or at least to their own populace?

    I suppose I’m being rhetorical.

  2. Steve Mc Garret says:

    I see the HK govt. is preparing a list of people to send into space. May I be bold to
    suggest Holden Chau, preferably with no return module.

  3. Hamantha says:

    Hong Kong’s sense of self-victimization grows more palpable by the day. Just like in the Mainland.

  4. Chris says:

    Technomorons such as Tang seem to think that every time a person anywhere types a search into google, a cave full of human minions springs into action and type in results, and all that google needs to do to “correct” that is “instruct” the minions. And those same people want to make HK a tech hub. Not sure whether to laugh or cry..

  5. Low Profile says:

    @Steve McG – and Junius Ho. And “Dr” Quat. And the judge who thinks running a side business out of a corner of your office without telling your landlord is 4.6 times as evil as repeatedly abusing defenceless children.

  6. Din Gao says:

    @ Steve McG

    I don’t think there is a one-way module large enough to accommodate all the SAR luminaries Big Lychee readers might wish to nominate for this trip.

  7. Old Mind Doctor says:

    Is it wise of an unelected govt official – effectively a ‘placeman’ – to boldly claim to third parties that he knows what ‘hurts the feelings of the people of Hong Kong’?

  8. wmjp says:

    Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai’s trial further adjourned to next September

    Absolutely fucking disgraceful.

    Any self-respecting judge in a proper legal jusrisdiction would throw the case out for unreasonable delay and abuse of process.

  9. justsayin says:

    speaking of caves full of minions, couldn’t the mainland help out by having some of their army internet units get on google and start searching the ‘correct’ anthem 24-7?

    @Steve McGarrett I feel that Holden Chau and Broom Head would be the natural couple to lead the HK Mars colonisation force, or perhaps better to call it the ‘Interstellar Ding Ding’

  10. cautious cynic says:

    Another option is for the NSL police to raid Google’s Hong Kong office and arrest everybody (or a selection) for incitement to sedition, or subversion, or whatever.

  11. wmjp says:

    The ‘placeman’

    I reckon the over-promoted copper is positioning himself as the Chief Enforcer’s eventual replacement. His current fatuous outpourings of how he loves the country and what an unblemished patriot he is are mere self-promotion. A few years as SS and then upgraded to Chief Secretary in time for the next non-election and the top job.

    That assumes that JL will be another in the line of one-shot wonder CEs. Maybe though he will by that time have convinced everyone that he is such a total arsehole, he will be the nonenity he really is.

  12. Deputy Coder says:

    Obviously. Chris Tang needs to get in touch with Twitter coding bores-cum-mental midgets.

    Said mental midgies found a way to suppress conservative voices so corrupt the 2020 American election so corrupting the Hong Kong national anthem searches will be but a walk in the park

    Chris? You listening? Get on it. Come on, man!

  13. Techno prisoners says:

    The least Chris Tang could do is to make sure that a playable version of the National Anthem pops up when you search for it on the Government’s own web site. At the moment it just spews pages and pages of whinging press releases about people not finding the right song

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