Rugby anthem mayhem climax

The Incheon rugby anthem crisis reaches its peak (he says optimistically).

Half the rugby associations in Asia point fingers at one another over who had what music file, while the HK Rugby Union warns that “Future errors of this type shall necessitate the team’s immediate withdrawal from competition.” (NatSec Law aside, are sports organizers breaking music copyright?)

An Internet expert explains that the only way to change the Google results would be to get Glory to Hong Kong removed from YouTube. Surprised the pro-Beijing people haven’t suggested it yet. (Good luck: there must be hundreds of videos of the tune, from live singing in shopping malls to choral performances in multiple languages to bagpipe, banjo and euphonium adaptations.)

If the contrived over-reaction to the incident was intended to attract attention, loyalists have succeeded, with the mass freak-out being picked up by the BBC, Guardian and CNN.

Regina Ip meanwhile wins the Most Extreme Outrage Contest, proposing the extradition of ‘suspects’ from South Korea. (Second place goes to those calling for athletes to be given special guidance on how to react when the wrong anthem is played – something about visibly expressing horror, frantically making T-signs with their hands and storming off the field. Watch out for teams rehearsing this within a month.)

And – surely proof that Anthem-gate is drawing to a close – the SCMP pulls out its template more-insipid-than-thundering editorial demanding a something something full investigation something something must never happen again.

Needless to say, it – or something equally inane – will.

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8 Responses to Rugby anthem mayhem climax

  1. googledonkey says:

    I really hope that people don’t start embedding links to the Hong Kong “anthem” in their web pages, especially near the top of the page, and also I hope they don’t mention it in their headline and then a couple other times in other parts of their stories. If they mention it too much it will continue to stay at the top of search results and then China will have to ask Google to shut down the server.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    “If the contrived over-reaction to the incident was intended to attract attention, loyalists have succeeded, with the mass freak-out being picked up by the BBC, Guardian and CNN.”

    Yes, in their “Laugh of the day” and “Look at this silly shit” sections.

    And as for Vag….what a pathetic, stupid c**t. (and remember, HK can’t DO anything. This is a foreign affairs matter and I thought the CCP reserves all rights for that sort of frothing?)

  3. Frances Gumm says:

    The bare fact is that “Glory to Hong Kong” is a much better song.

  4. Low Profile says:

    Does Regina know that most countries will only extradite their citizens for actions that are illegal in their own country? I very much doubt that South Korea has a law against playing the wrong anthem.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Does Vagina Ip, who made her career as a civil servant under British colonial rule, in the service of the Queen (the real one), have any sense of self-awareness?

    Something else: last Saturday morning I come eye to eye with Anus Ho, in front of Sogo in CWB. Then, on the way back, a second time (he is shorter then you would expect). What struck me was his outfit, a full body white-and-cream casual wear ensemble that screamed “gay”. Peculiar choice for that rabid anti-gay moralist.

  6. Low Profile says:

    @Joe Blow – it’s usually the most rabid moralists who are caught with their pants down, as several American TV preachers can attest.

  7. Mary Melville says:

    The players should be lauded for taking a sensible approach to the incident. They stood stoically united and then ensured that the correct anthem was subsequently aired.
    An indication of maturity and quick thinking in the face of a dilemma.
    Unfortunately our legislators, with time on their hands now their sole duty is to lean under the desk for the rubber stamp, and lacking in any understanding of diplomacy, are rushing to make an international incident out of a minor hiccup and making Hong Kong a laughing stock while exposing their own incompetency and lack of savoir faire.

  8. Goatboy says:

    Belated ‘chef’s kiss’ response to Mary Melville’s comment on the anthem saga yesterday.

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