116,000 of our under-40s workers are missing

Overcome today with the excitement of the Global Financial Hub-Zone Leadership Summit plus a Number 8 Light Showers signal (disrupted workday apparently justified because of storm’s impact on south side of Hong Kong Island, like the rest of us care). So just the declaration of an early weekend and some reading…

From HKFP, the number of 18-39-year-olds in the workforce has mysteriously fallen 8.2% over the last two years. (No analysis of how or why, though perhaps none is necessary. Such a decline could in theory indicate an extreme aging society, a massive rise in further education, or the astounding allure of Greater Bay Area opportunities – but even the government now admits to a massive increase in emigration.)

More manufacturing than Leadership Summit-style finance – Harris Bricken blog on the dilemmas and challenges facing overseas businesses in China.

Interesting article on censorship of the system that supposedly enables Chinese officials to view uncensored information, with potentially disastrous implications for decision-making – as with Covid. Maybe they need an internal internal news channel.

China’s overseas ‘police stations’ do not have any police in them, says Global Times.

Some brighter news: Beijing bans celebrities from endorsing health, financial and some other products, while those with ‘loose morals’ are forbidden to advertise anything (does that include Jackie Chan?).

Interview with a worker who fled the locked-down Foxconn smart-phone factory in Zhengzhou. (Video of workers breaking through hazmat-suited cordon on freeway here.)

Canada’s CBC on itself, closing its Beijing bureau.

AP on USCG inspections of Chinese fishing vessels off the Pacific coast of South America.

The Council on Foreign Relations on Chinese attempts to influence US politics.

Book fans will be glad to know – yes, I’ve been unpacking the things…

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13 Responses to 116,000 of our under-40s workers are missing

  1. Mjrelje says:

    Does anyone have the full story from the FT ‘Hong Kong struggles to persuade CEOs it is open for business’ that they can share?

  2. A Poor Man says:

    Anyone else notice that the Observatory and RTHK still refer to the local region as the “Pearl River Estuary”? Perhaps someone is going to get invited for a cup of tea by the NS po po to discuss this subversive behavior.

  3. Mark Bradley says:


    Here: https://archive.ph/GGlAl

    You can also use archive.ph on any paywalled site. Just input the url info archive.ph and paywall is gone

  4. Chris Maden says:

    Price’s Price still inexplicably absent from your shelves…

    [I won’t mind if you don’t publish this one!]

  5. justsayin says:

    But it’s ok for the ‘loose morals’ cadres with their mistresses and baijiu feasts to run the government – those are Core Values

  6. Joe Blow says:

    I once bought a book by Ted Thomas: “Straight Out”. Was I the only sucker?

  7. Natasha Fatale says:

    @Joe Blow

    Ted really must have done a number on your head.

    What does your therapist say?

  8. northern monkey says:

    is the Pan Pearl River Delta still a thing or has it been subsumed into the Greater Bay Area?

  9. Din Dan Che says:

    Amazed that Ted has fans

  10. Knownot says:

    Book fans will be glad . . .

    Books I didn’t know I had,
    Comic, tragic, happy, sad,
    More books than I ever thought,
    Books I never should have bought,
    Out-dated guidebooks stuffed in sacks,
    And all those tattered paperbacks.

    Authors living, authors dead,
    Classic books I’ve never read,
    Books I’m never going to read,
    Books I neither want nor need,
    Ancient guidebooks stored in stacks,
    And all those tattered paperbacks.

  11. Sean O'Herlihy says:

    @Din Dan Che

    To remonstrate against an attack on a flawed, ailing old man is not a question of fandom.

    Some of us believe that forgiveness is a blessing and judgement belongs to God alone.

    I understand why Natasha Fatale is needling Joe Blow for being a bit heartless.

  12. Mjrelje says:

    Listening to R7 hype over the days and 26,000 tickets ‘sold’… when I asked my youngest he mentioned that the school was giving free tickets and he may go but not sure if they could be arsed. They then watched England v France online / TV. Such a great success.

  13. spud says:

    @Mjrelje. GB (?!), not England, old chap!

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