The H2O mystery

Over the last 24 months, my apartment’s water consumption has almost halved. Can’t think of an explanation…

  • Reduction in size of household: none.
  • Gradual long-term shift to drinking beer: no.
  • Repair of leaking plumbing and/or installation of more efficient appliances: no.
  • Increase in showers/cooking/washing off premises: no.
  • Massive collapse in domestic/personal hygiene: certainly not.
  • Conscientious effort to reduce usage to save planet/money: not really.

At this rate, I will cease to use any water by mid-2025. A mystery. Whatever it is, it doesn’t apply to electricity.

Your NatSec weirdness du jour: according to a Tweet, ‘14 students at Saint Francis Xavier’s School in Tsuen Wan were suspended for three days for failing to attend a flag-raising ceremony on Friday. The vice principal allegedly scolded them and threatened to report them to the NatSec police, and a uniformed cop was spotted in the school today’.

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8 Responses to The H2O mystery

  1. donkey says:

    Did a construction project end recently? Seem to recall there’s been a rash of incidents at least in local gossip circles, of construction foremen tapping into rooftop water pipes, or side pipes to fuel construction. Recently was told by my father-in-law that we should install a meter reader of our own type for our rooftop apartment, since there’s cases of people hiring electricians to splice wires and milk electricity off of landlords, etc. You never know. People find all sorts of ways to lower costs.

  2. Cassowary says:

    The water supplies department ceased reading people’s water meters during the last Covid wave and billed them based on guesstimates. If they overestimated your water usage they may now be compensating.

  3. Paul says:

    That’s still about 250 litres per day, which is twice the average HK per person consumption.

    When I lived alone in my consumption was about 80 litres per day (at which level water is free). How long do you spend in the shower? Or do you have a horribly inefficient washing machine?

  4. Din Gao says:

    Are you sure that they have not been “estimating” your consumption instead or reading the meter?

    Either that or they are billing you for the wrong meter and Chan Fat upstairs is wandering why the hell he gets such an enormous bill.

  5. Coco says:

    No offense but retirement in HK seems a bit, um, how do I put this? …….. dull

  6. Stanley Lieber says:

    WSD website says:

    “Hong Kong’s average daily domestic fresh water consumption per capita is 130 litres.”

    It’s hard to believe the author of this esteemed organ is a water hog.

  7. Dr Zhivago says:

    Reductions in water seepage / leakage in your block or blocks – eg, Water Department wallahs sticking blu tack in cracked pipes or wrapping sellotape around loose washers, etc.

    Water waste is spread around bills to camouflage its extent

  8. justsayin says:

    Maybe going out more often leading to less in-house toilet flushes?

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