Bikini-gate uproar mayhem horror

Big local news today concerns TVB’s Miss Hong Kong contest. A younger (say, 60-something) member of the Independent Police Complaints Council might object to the beauty pageant as outdated or tawdry. But 81-year-old former Education Director Helen Yu says it is among the causes of violence, obscenity and child abuse. While she doesn’t back this up, she may have a point in criticizing the swimsuit segment part of the show, which she implies involves the ladies wearing ‘very little clothing’ while being leered at by a TV station boss…

“Is it necessary to answer questions in an air-conditioned room in front of Eric Tsang Chi-wai, who looks straight at you? Why do they have to answer questions while wearing a bikini? I really don’t understand.”

Sounds cruel. But of course, former Miss Hong Kongs can become rich and famous. With octogenarians hogging public-sector jobs and Covid rules wrecking the rest of the economy – it’s either that or Greater Bay Area opportunities.

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10 Responses to Bikini-gate uproar mayhem horror

  1. Yu points says:

    Given it’s taken her 76 years to notice the Miss HK Pageant might be a bit exploitative, coupled with her former career as a bureaucrat and current membership of the Independent Police Complaints Council, you do have to wonder if Helen Yu’s real beef with the thing isn’t really just her objecting to the idea of being made to answer questions in front of someone from the media who looks straight at you.

  2. Mary Melville says:

    Having Eric Tsang and ham sap buddies leer at you even while fully clothed must be an ordeal. The Miss HK is an annual recruiting and grooming exercise to identify a fresh batch of consorts to titillate the ageing ‘elites’.
    The smarter participants will milk the opportunities while the others will, hopefully, go home with bags of booty and certainly a lot more worldly wise. And they make new friends, there are numerous media programmes that demonstrate the solidarity forged via what can be at times a humiliating exercise.

  3. Chris says:

    I would be excited to see both sides of this important story. I suspect the contestants can bring firmer points to counter the the flabby arguments of Ms. Yu.

  4. Big Al says:

    @ Yu points
    I think Ms Yu’s real beef is if it were her clad only in a bikini (shudder) no one, not even Eric Tsang, would be looking straight at her …

  5. Low Profile says:

    I am very curious just how Ms Yu thinks the contest leads to child abuse and violence. The link from leering at adult bikini babes to going out and molesting a kiddie seems pretty tenuous to me. As for violence, I see no possible connection at all.

  6. Eggs n Ham says:

    Agree that it’s cruel and unnecessary to have beauty contestants answer questions. Leave that bit out.

  7. View Point says:

    @ Chris
    “the contestants can bring firmer points”
    Surely that’s the point?

  8. Red Dragon says:

    View Point

    I think Chris knew that his point about firmer points was indeed the point. Had he not, his point would have been pointless. See my point?

  9. View Point says:

    @ Red Dragon
    I take your point but felt obliged to point out the point to readers less able to discern the point (not wishing to point the finger at anyone in particular…)

  10. View Point says:

    Is it possible that the subject of this hilarious story in the Sub-Standard could be an aspiring Miss Hong Kong contestant?'wall-crawler'-turns-out-to-be-Thai-man-escaping-police

    I worry for her though as she “has been sent to QEH for treatment”.

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