Tubes, seething down

Now allowed toast and congee. Catheter and IV removed, leaving just one tube gently oozing strawberry daiquiri lookalike into drain bottle. Amount of time silently raging about (allegedly, arguably, possibly, maybe-pure-mishap) botched colonoscopy leading to first ever surgery/hospital-stay in life, down 1%.

Remind myself of worse injustices around us. Nun’s advice is to take it as an opportunity to talk to Jesus. Or did she say ‘a good lawyer’? Didn’t quite catch it.

Girl in pink summer dress suddenly appears. Anaesthetist. Just dropped by to check I’m OK.

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10 Responses to Tubes, seething down

  1. Des Espoir says:

    They normally take a video of these colonoscopies…
    Why not post it on the internet, call it “YourTube”…?

  2. Old Mind Doctor says:

    That phrase ‘talk to a good lawyer’ pops up in every American TV drama. No-one ever says ‘you need to talk to a bad lawyer’. The other exemplar is a character will threaten to ‘talk to my lawyers’ as if the average Joe has a crack legal team on permanent stand-by.

    Meanwhile, chins up. Your on-the-nail insights never fail to raise a smile.

  3. Sean O'Herlihy says:

    Yes, my close relative required emergency surgery for internal bleeding 48 hours after his initial operation because the surgeon “nicked” an artery the first time he was in there.

    Your chances of getting a legal settlement are zero and none.

    You’ve got much better odds with Jesus.

    God bless!

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    Just imagine Vag in a candy striper outfit to give you a sponge bath!

  5. Learn English with Regina says:

    That girl in the pink summer dress: that was no “anaesthetist”. That was an angel and she has come to accompany you…

  6. reductio says:

    @Chinese Netizen

    And the plumber said ‘ed ‘ave to clean out me pipes. I said I rather fancy that, but that back one’s blocked!

    Ooo err missus!

  7. Dr Zhivago says:

    It’s all very well the anaesthetist swinging by for tea and biscuits

    It’s the performing surgeon to meet and greet. Not the attending surgeon, the one who performed the deed; if they’re spotty and look like they have an Instagram account…

  8. asiaseen says:

    At least you have the leisure to google “colon damage during colonoscopy”.

    Your chances of getting a legal settlement are zero and none.

    Not at all. It just takes a sod of a long time and lots of determination.

  9. Herr Torquewrench says:

    Wot a bummer! (sorry) Get well soon.

  10. dimuendo says:


    Plus money, unless Hemlock qualifires for legal aid ( I suspect not).

    Core is get copies of the medical records, plus any recording. Look at consent. Was it general or limited to a named doctor? Did named doctor do procedure?

    Find the right expert to consult. Having got his/her report , decide what to do.

    Pick your solicitor carefully. Med neg is not personal injury.

    However egregious the facts , do not expect an early admission of liability from HK defendant lawyers. They have to be taken to the situation where the case /facts clearly cannot be defended. Does not mean they might not offer or pay into court, but they will not admit.

    Some pleasant individuals among them, but in their approach the starting (and continuing) position is to be a sh!t and usually unrealistic , just obstructive.

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