HK launches new weight-loss trade fair

Hong Kong reveals its latest bizarre Covid rule: no eating allowed in the city’s Food Expo. According to the Standard

…the expo will employ staff to go around the area and see if anyone tries to taste food in the convention center…

Onlookers can mock. Will mock. Should mock. But it’s important to remember that the aim here is not to create and implement scientifically effective public health measures. The goal seems to be to devise rules (like closure of barbecue sites) that may be obscure but are still onerous enough to provoke some loud complaints. That way, local officials can point to their Beijing overseers and show them how Hong Kong is assiduously and loyally implementing Xi Jinping-style ‘dynamic zero Covid’. The public are angry about the restrictions – therefore we must be doing our job well.

Of course, thanks to the compulsory quarantine rules, the trade fair won’t exactly be bursting with overseas visitors either.

I am proud to notice that the Food Expo (opens August 11) coincides with the Hungry Ghosts festival (August 12)!

Painstakingly curated mid-week links…

In the SCMP’s once-a-month positive-energy-free op-ed, Michael C. Davis summarizes the UN Human Rights Committee’s recent criticism of Hong Kong, and begs the authorities to restore the city’s reputation as a free society.

An HKFP explainer on Hong Kong’s resurrection of archaic sedition laws as a way of silencing and jailing critics.

Al Jazeera video on the decline of press freedom in Hong Kong

China Change presents a translation of a marathon seven-part history of the HK Alliance published last year by Stand News.

From the Wire China, evidence that China’s population is falling faster then officials are letting on.

Andrew Batson on China’s housing crisis, partly due to a Hong Kong-style of pre-completion sales of new homes and ‘a failure of ethics and the rule of law’…

China’s system for financing the construction of new housing put an unusual amount of risk onto households [and] the legal safeguards in place to protect households from those risks were in practice routinely ignored.

Foreign Affairs on China’s efforts to boost its international clout following the Russian invasion of Ukraine – notably its ‘global strategic initiative’ to win over anti-Western and non-aligned countries.

The Diplomat compares and (mostly) contrasts the Russia-Ukraine and China-Taiwan situations. One similarity is the unwillingness of the target countries’ people to embrace their overbearing neighbours’ nationalist narratives…

Since the late 1980s, the Chinese government has been eagerly promoting cultural, social, and kinship ties with Taiwanese people. The initial purpose of this move was the understanding (or misunderstanding) that with more cultural and social communications, Taiwanese people would grow more like mainland Chinese people and feel increasingly their belongingness to the “motherland.” Identity politics, however, shows reversed effects. With more communications and contact, the Taiwanese people instead increasingly saw their differences from mainlanders.

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9 Responses to HK launches new weight-loss trade fair

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Jeez…if even the Hajis are taking issue with Hong Kong’s loss of press freedom…

  2. Goldfusion says:

    CY Leung was a prime mover in bringing Hong Kong-style real estate development practices to the mainland. It would be satisfying to see that turkey come home to roost.

  3. A Poor Man says:

    Now that Popo Lee has weighed in on Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, I wonder when we will hear from the mayor of Fuzhou on the matter.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    Surely the most obvious solution to the public housing conundrum is that HK government snaps up some of the empty blocks in the GBA and resettles those folk in the housing queue who want to retire or live on the mainland. This would be a win win win by providing an exit for the indebted developers, implementing the mandate for better integration between HK and GBA while cutting PH queues. And probably cheaper as the properties will with steep discounts.
    The 150 per day one way permits is after all the root cause of the housing issue and a percentage of those folk would no doubt be happy to remain off shore if they are provided all the ‘perks’ that come with the HK ID.
    How come CY, our HK Foundation and the 90 Leggers with time on their hands are no working on arrangements?
    So housing problem solved, give full support to the no eats food fair. Has anyone calculated how much plastic waste is generated by visitors filling their faces with sodium and sugar laden snacks? This is where IT could make its mark, Meta augmented reality, put on the headset and enjoy the snacks without any impact on health and waist line. Time for Honkers to step up and take the lead.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Okay bitches, let’s talk Pelosi: why is it that nobody has mentioned that 82-y.o. Nancy (same age as Vagina Ip) looks 15 years younger, has the stamina of a horse and has more balls than Mark Six?

  6. wmjp says:

    @Joe Blow
    Pelosi is 82 and The Vag is 72 and to me Pelosi (and I’m older than her) looks closer to 102 rather than 15 years younger than The Vag (not that I fancy her either). As for her alleged stamina, I suspect mornings are a trial until the vodka bottle has been opened.

    Maybe, JB, you should get out more and see some real women:)

  7. No food for thought says:

    Holding a Food Expo where you’re not allowed to eat any of the food is just laying down a framework for future idiocies: the Rugby Sevens where you’re not allowed to drink any alcohol; the Book Fair where you’re not allowed to sell any of the books.

  8. Low Profile says:

    @Joe Blow – cognitive dissonance can be very aging.

  9. Chinese Netizen says:

    No food for thought: Congrats…you just landed a job as a HK government minister!

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