Just some assorted links…

Hong Kong’s last remaining radical group gets the Wen Wei Po treatment.

Where to get a copy of Chris Patten’s Hong Kong Diaries (hint: not Bookazine).

But if you want to read whiny defensive letters from Hong Kong officials complaining about overseas news coverage – they’re everywhere.

A good interview with Michael Davis, formerly of HKU, on what has happened to Hong Kong.

CNN on apparent Chinese surveillance and monitoring activities in the guise of telecoms and other sites in the US…

Since at least 2017, federal officials have investigated Chinese land purchases near critical infrastructure … and stonewalled what they saw as clear efforts to plant listening devices near sensitive military and government facilities. 

A thread by Michael Pettis on why – despite what some think – China is on course for Japan-style long-term stagnation.

Axios on the new report on the modern-day role of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Intro to the report by one of the authors.

Andrew Batson on China’s hard-to-believe statistics on self-employment levels.

Proof that vaccination makes you more intelligent!

A poll in Austria found that most vaccinated Austrians believe Russia is responsible for the war in Ukraine, while the unvaccinated mostly blame the US and NATO. 

OK – the common denominator is people who swallow Russian disinformation crap.

Speaking of which… Maybe of interest to those enjoying some heated debate in the comments, a look at how Christian nationalism has taken over evangelical churches in the US. This isn’t really about ‘Christianity’ so much as how the faith has been hijacked by a campaign to con bitter and gullible people into voting for tax-cuts for billionaires. It works.

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6 Responses to Just some assorted links…

  1. Sean O'Herlihy says:

    The headline:

    “Christian Nationalism Drove These People Out of Their Churches”

    The sub-headline:

    “Christians from around the country who spoke to VICE News said they’ve witnessed their congregations lose focus and slide into Christian nationalism.”

    The reality as reported in the article:

    One pastor. One church. Two people left.

    It’s the Christian monkeypox! Run away!

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Check out the latest threats on US House Speaker Pelosi’s planned visit to the independent Nation of Taiwan by the CCP thugocracy. Naturally they’re threatening resolutely “serious consequences”.

    Shit Jumping needs a distraction from domestic woes and his upcoming self anointment as emperor but will he cross the line? And more importantly, will some jackass PLAAF pilot named Wang Wei accidentally bump wings with a USAF C-17??


  3. Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel says:

    It’s not so much “Christian Nationalism” as it is “White Supremacist Christian Nationalism” preaching “Replacement Theory” worries to under educated rubes with more guns than fingers and toes and who are more of a percentage of those on welfare than those they demonise.
    And, of course, tax breaks for the very wealthy.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    I think it would be a great idea if there was a club/ society that would award Democracy Medals to deserving individuals/ organizations in Hong Kong on an annual basis.

  5. reductio says:

    @Joe Blow

    I think you’d find that any such club/society would find itself shut down faster than you could say “Grand Bauhinia medal with golden oak leaves, swords and diamonds”.

  6. mjrelje says:

    Seen on ‘tinernet

    Dear Sir,

    Apart from the dubious letters in the past months from ‘reader’s’ locations like Vienna, Budapest, Dubai etc, one recurrent theme in the Letters section every single day is ‘Quarantine has to end now’. Why does the HK administration not reply to these logical issues raised? Adult societies will choose a junior secretary to respond and explain the administration / town council position. Why not Hong Kong SAR? Does the SCMP have no distribution readership in the “Central Government Complex” or have they again slammed the doors and letterboxes shut?

    Whatever. My question is simply, why as a taxpayer can I not choose to stay in my taxpayer-funded ‘isolation facility’ on arrival in HK rather than a price gorging ‘DQH’? I am quite happy with the same level of crap food that the hotels provide that the Isolation facilities match and the unnecessary 7-day incarceration, so please tell me Sec. of ‘Health’ Mr. Lo Chung-mau why can we not choose to stay in a ‘Government’ facility?

    PS – Health Bureau said that hotel quarantine is required for arrivals, but the authorities do not charge travellers: “Such hotel accommodation is provided by third parties (i.e. the relevant hotel operator in the private sector), and travellers will pay to the operator direct. The Government does not make any charge for hotel accommodation.”

    Please Mr. Lo, reply so we can all understand your ‘logic’.

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