‘Security Bureau’ is the new ‘fast track’.

Who says Administrative Officers have no future in Hong Kong’s new patriotic NatSec system of governance? Having neutered RTHK as a public service broadcaster, Director of Broadcasting Patrick Li gets promoted to Permanent Secretary for Security from July 1.

Valiant NatSec Police arrest people in possession of toy guns, communications devices used for ‘seditious messages’, and anti-government flags and (oh the horror!) badges – here and here

On other vexillological matters – the Standard gets Headline of the Week Day Hour Award for its report on Ping Shek Estate’s display coming down after someone started defiling them. 

A nice example of trying too hard from a China Daily columnist who dredges up fancy Latin legal terms (‘nullum crimen sine lege’, ‘ne bis in idem’) in an attempt to prove that Hong Kong’s rule of law is intact. Also neatly shunts blame for the choice of NatSec judges onto the Chief Justice.

Some mid-week links…

Nikkei Asia on the exodus of Hong Kong academics…

“Hong Kong gradually has to choose between China and the international community,” the lecturer said. “It’s suffocating.”

More from Lokman Tsui.

The Diplomat on how Scandinavian countries went off China.

Why did a property developer in Henan offer to accept down-payments for new homes in the form of garlic at way above market value for the crop? (Why do you think?) Over in Guanxi, Yulin city is trying to lure nearby villagers (average annual income CNY5,000) into buying homes, and ordering local civil servants to push family and friends into purchases. 

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6 Responses to ‘Security Bureau’ is the new ‘fast track’.

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    So does this mean all the Cosplay/Airsoft Warrior supply stores in Mongkok will be permanently closed for selling 1:1 replica weapons, uniforms and various other accoutrements??

    Bummer…where else will I get my Waffen SS parade uniforms to satisfy Mrs CY’s sick fantasies??

    As far as Henan goes…it’s generally accepted amongst most if not all mainlanders that Henan Ren are ALL charlatans, scammers and rascals. Not sure what the consensus is on Guangxi Ren.

  2. Mary Melville says:

    But if the Cosplay stores are closed down where the largest group of participants with fetish compulsions, our sec forces, go to gear up to get their rocks off when they tire of the 3 colour transformer gear on its way?

  3. Knownot says:

    If you like puns, “Fervor flags” is pretty good.

    Years ago, when Cathay Pacific transferred a legal suit from HK to Britain, the SCMP had the headline: “Cathay Comes Home”.

  4. Cosplay Coronary says:

    The soldier cosplay stores have largely closed down already, presumably due to a year of protesting providing better adrenaline-filled fun and a couple of years of Covid restrictions stopping cosplay on the weekends leading to no one selling enough stuff to make rent, let alone a profit.
    See also restaurants, bars, gyms, the rest of the economy.

  5. Knownot says:

    I put it the wrong way round – the suit was transferred from Britain to HK.

  6. Mary Melville says:

    Only in Honkers….. ad for a 294sq.ft show flat
    The bedroom has space for additional furniture ….. such as a wardrobe, for convenience and comfort.
    There is also a window in the bathroom to enhance brightness, increase air circulation and keep the area dry. OH THE LUXURY
    Of course the latter used to be mandatory until the Building Dept got into bed with developers.
    And then they wonder why Covid spreads so easily here.

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