HK Police keep June 4 special

From HKFP, the erasure of Tiananmen massacre commemorations in Hong Kong over the last two years. CNN says the memories are being erased. But for all the talk of erasing June 4, the date was impossible to ignore in Hong Kong this year as thousands of people assembled specially for the occasion – all dressed in blue.

Extensive official measures to ensure the anniversary got a high profile began with commemorative creepiness on Friday…

Police have warned the public not to test their determination to enforce the law on June 4, adding that even going alone to Victoria Park could end in an arrest for unlawful assembly, if someone is deemed to be there with a common purpose to express certain views.

Don’t assemble or have a common purpose with yourself? Don’t express ‘certain views’ – but what exactly would they be? Snr Supt Liauw also apparently said that you can still be committing an offense if you’re not in the park.

Interestingly, Liauw seemed almost desperate not to arrest anyone…

“Really try not to test the boundaries, as well as testing the determination or our commitment in enforcing the law in this operation.”

And the government announced that most of the park would simply be shut for the 24-hour period. 

On the day itself, cops flooded Causeway Bay, declaring that flowers might be seditious, and a T-shirt might be an unlawful assembly. Citizens found a use for old payphones. And

Police rushed into the tram in front of us and searched a passenger. They took him off, but then it seems they asked everyone to show their bags. Looking down later, it seems they found an electric candle.

Someone up there is so petrified of candles, Victoria Park and the Hong Kong people that they won’t let anyone forget 6-4, even if they want to. Chinese foreign ministry officials helped out by virtually inviting foreign consulates in Hong Kong to mark the day – the Poles got creative, as did the Finns.

Loads more here.

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11 Responses to HK Police keep June 4 special

  1. The Northern Menace says:

    The Hong Kong government closed Victoria Part to commemorate the Tiananmen massacre. It’s all in how you look at it.

  2. YTSL says:

    I used to really only think and mourn the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th itself — and specifically, the evening of that cursed date. This year, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and mourning for not only those who perished in Beijing (and Chengdu) on/around that date at the hands of the PLA but also for Hong Kong itself.

    John Lee’s not even in charge yet but it really hit home this past long weekend how much of a police state Hong Kong has become. And how paranoid a one it is too; what with such as candles, flowers and t-shirts (some with only vague slogans) considered threats (weapons?) by the police.

    Remember when we used to laugh at the checking of dove cavities for bombs and such over in Beijing? Sadly, it’s kind of hard to laugh, at that and more, now as things really have become so upsetting.

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    Take notes, any of you overpriced PR firms out there looking to do business with the HKCCPSAR Government in one of their many, many “re-branding” efforts.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    Please let’s also remember the fact that during the Tiananmen massacre, there were protests in approximately 160 cities throughout China. We can only guess how many were murdered there as well.

  5. Chris Maden says:

    @YTSL: Well-said.

  6. Pope Innocent says:

    The vigils were only ever about how much better Hong Kong was than China – after all, no-one really cares about locusts killing locusts. Now that the SAR has become, if anything, even worse a police state than the rest of the PRC, it makes sense that the “up yours” lightshows move to the remaining free parts of the world. What remains baffling is that anyone with an ounce of self-worth remains in the former colony as de facto collaborators in the pretense that it’s still okay to do business with the commies.

  7. Formerly Known As... says:

    The battleship USS Wisconsin was BB-64. The nuclear Los Angeles Class submarine USS Chicago is SSN-721. T-shirts for these ships are readily available on Amazon or your preferred provider of military-themed apparel.

  8. steve says:

    @Pope Innocent–

    It’s difficult to understand your motivation for making such a vile assertion. It’s a slander on all Hongkongers who have fought the good fight and are suffering under the present dire circumstances.

  9. Mark Bradley says:


    Pope Innocent likes to be a judgmental douche from time to time.

  10. Chinese Netizen says:

    Obviously the “Pope” has been slighted/shown disrespect one too many times in HK.

  11. Pope Innocent says:

    Judgemental is what we do up here. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen a single popo passing through to be judged and sent down to the other place, so this “fight” you speak of? Not the Ukrainian type of fight, right? But go ahead, keep working for the commies, keep paying their wages, keep your mouth shut, keep your head down. The money’s worth it.

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