Stamp of authority

Results-oriented government in action: hygiene officials leave sealed rat poison packets in vermin-infested alleyways because they believe the rodents will open the plastic bags themselves. (This only works if you write ‘cheese’ on the packs.)

HK Post releases stamps celebrating the 120th anniversary of Ta Kung Pao. It would be more accurate to say the 120th anniversary of the name: today’s state-owned propaganda sheet has nothing to do with the original publication, founded towards the end of the Qing dynasty as China’s first modern newspaper. It has, shall we say, undergone changes in ownership, and is today best known for naming individuals and groups in Hong Kong in advance of their political rectification. We are also nearing the 26th anniversary of the founding of Apple Daily. And the first anniversary of its closure.

A typical example of a Ta Kung Pao target is Cardinal Zen. Two items on his arrest and the Vatican’s pact with the forces of darkness, from AFP and Chris Patten, who doesn’t pull any punches…

For many CPC officials, Cardinal Zen’s real crime is not only his regular defenses of religious freedom in China and, through his pastoral and intellectual courage, his potential threat to the party’s totalitarianism, but also his criticism of the Vatican’s secret deals with the Chinese leadership. 

A report that Xi Jinping will get the title ‘helmsman’. (That should be ‘great’, surely?) And Xinhua is producing a 50-part series on his life.

From the Guardian, what Beijing is up to in the Pacific.

And CMP asks what, if anything, the economic ‘conference’ of 100,000 cadres means.

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4 Responses to Stamp of authority

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    FIFTY part series on Shit Jumping’s remarkable life? That’s 49 and three quarters too many. But I bet the big spread advertising sponsors that get on board win a lot of political butt lick points.

    Will they interview Lai Changxing waxing lyrical about his days at the “helm” of the Yuanhua Group in Xiamen during Shit Jumping’s Fujian days??

  2. Knownot says:

    (New floors are going to be added
    to the Legco building.)

    Ninety bods elected
    By patriotic masses,
    Ninety noddles natter
    Patriotic gases.
    Ninety bums elected,
    Ninety seats are filled.
    And yet – the less they do,
    The more they build.

    Ninety bods elected,
    And every booby natters
    And needs a private office
    For legislative matters.
    And so a paradox:
    So little is their power,
    And yet – the less they do,
    The taller their tower.

  3. so says:

    Having a nice time without the need to put up….no downside…until those who pay, ask for a share…so panic…announce by all channels, paid for by those who pay, emergency and start shouting and shooting and arresting…to prevent the nice time becoming the nice time of someone else.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    The number of suicides is growing, and alarmingly there has recently been a spate of teenagers jumping from heights.
    But not a peep from a single member of our bloated ‘ninety bods’ legislature on what is now, or should be, a more serious topic than Covid.
    Of course the issue is brushed under the carpet because the main stream media no longer covers anything that cannot include a few glowing lines about NSL.

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