A dismal Tuesday

The ‘citizen journalists’ hunt is underway: CPI on Eric Wu Ka-fai, sentenced to one month in prison…

…the judge said Wu’s recounting of alleged police misconduct in a public place constituted a disorderly conduct offense because it could have incited collective hatred toward police at the scene resulting in violence. 

Government prosecutors dredge up ‘17 witnesses, 10 box files of documents and around eight hours of videotape containing footage of street booths erected during demonstrations’ as evidence against Cardinal Zen, Margaret Ng, Denise Ho and other trustees of the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund. They are charged with failing to apply for registration of the group. It is an archaic requirement: many/most organizations never apply and don’t get charged, and the penalty for not doing so is a grand HK$10,000. The trustees believe the fund did not count as a ‘society’.

Benny Tai is sentenced to 10 months for an even more absurd offense – ‘illegal election spending’ when all he did was pay for ads to publicize a plan to coordinate pan-democracy citizens’ votes in the 2016 legislative elections. As with the 612 Fund, no-one in law enforcement saw a problem at the time in the pre NatSec era, it was all above board.

HKDC update on political prisoners in Hong Kong…

Among the 1,014 political prisoners are leaders of non-governmental organizations and trade unions, journalists, activists, teachers, professors, students, opposition politicians, protest leaders and lawyers—a virtual cross-section of Hong Kong civil society. While many of the political prisoners are well-known, most are ordinary Hong Kong citizens who had no public profile prior to their arrests. 

As a batch of leaked documents shows, Xinjiang has it worse. BBC report.

June 4 and July 1 (and a possible visit by Xi Jinping) are coming. The Catholic church cancels Tiananmen prayer services because they might breach the NatSec Law. And the cops start finding more terror plots. Word is that anyone slated to meet Xi if/when he’s here will have to undergo a week’s quarantine beforehand. Carrie says

“The 25th anniversary is an important day and we are very eager for the leader to visit Hong Kong and deliver important speeches.”

Meanwhile, the all-patriots Legislative Council members get into some heavy-duty policy proposals.

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12 Responses to A dismal Tuesday

  1. donkey says:

    ‘the leader’ she says.

    yes, bow down.

  2. Red Dragon says:


    Yes, I noticed that.

    “Leader” is an interesting term to choose, and one which in certain European languages has been rendered respectively as Führer, Duce, Caudillo, and Conducător.

    Old Carrie’s certainly no slouch at spotting parallels.

  3. Ho Ma Fan says:

    Well the Reddit tankies seem to think that the latest “bomb plot” was TATP again (how do they know?). That substance made out of perfectly legal to possess chemicals. Also very difficult to make for amateurs and highly unstable. Not at all suited to the task. And the “plot” foiled in good time, traced through online demands to cause disruption? I wish they would put these super sleuths on the case of illegal parking, illegal structures or financial crimes. Definitely no need for the ICAC then.
    There is also no need to even consider bombing anything in highly compact HK; infrastructure here is so vulnerable and the police can’t guard it all. i.e. water supplies, drainage services, CLP substations, MTR traction control. Hell, just a few well placed bricks on Nathan Road would bring TST to a standstill.
    I call bs on this one, again.

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    “…and deliver important speeches.”

    Who needs Xanax or melatonin when one can listen to recordings of Shit Jumping’s most memorable, thought provoking and important speeches, volumes 1-58 on a flight from New York to Sydney??

  5. Probably says:

    With regards the last link, if we are into renaming areas can we just call Shenzhen “North Hong Kong” instead?

  6. Mary Melville says:

    Has DAB ever made a proactive, original and positive proposal that would benefit the community??????????????????????????

  7. Big Al says:

    Or call the Northern Metropolis “Shenzhen South”?

  8. MT says:

    @Ho Ma Fan – agreed.
    Here’s a relevant Twitter thread from when HKPF made up a bomb threat last year: https://twitter.com/DelaneyM917/status/1412281667213926400

    “In other words, once Hong Kong authorities mark you as part of a dissident organization, they need only find (or “find”) nail polish remover, fabric bleach and toilet cleaner in your place of residence, all common items, and there you have it: the ingredients for TATP explosives.”

  9. Chris Maden says:

    @Chinese Netizen – I noticed that one, too. Xi’s not coming here to resest policy, announce new initiatives to improve people’s livelihoods or anything like that. No, he’s going to deliver speeches. In a brown paper bag, I hope…

  10. Formerly Known As... says:

    I see this little relevance-deprived turd is at it again. This time it’s genocide denial. Great timing Pinky!


    I promise to stop posting links to writings by this disgrace. Makes me want to puke too, but I hope some sunlight on him will help to cleanse some of the effects of his nauseating rubbish.

    I really am looking forward to important speeches. Really.

  11. Formerly Known As... says:
  12. HK-Cynic says:

    Mark Pinkstone was probably paid about $750 for that article….or about 30 pieces of silver….

    We’ll simply ignore all the Chinese Government documents implicating themselves. Meanwhile the NED monies have been debunked. But seriously, $750,000 is all that was needed to threaten to overturn Hong Kong / China? Every country in the world could be overturned on a weekly basis if that was the case.

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