Manifesto might miss stuff out

John Lee says

…he has to finish writing his manifesto and that he may not be able to cover every area. But, he added, it … does not mean he is not concerned about whatever area is not mentioned.

Yeah, y’know, I really really care about, like, whatever, dude. Article 23, however, is to get priority treatment. It will presumably enhance the NatSec regime’s ability to punish criticism, currently limited to two-year sentences under the archaic but recently heavily used sedition law.

If anyone should be arrested for sedition, it must be John Lee’s hair stylist. But instead it’s activist Koo Sze-yiu, who gets prosecuted – for planning to protest against the Winter Olympics.

Nikkei Asia sees a depressing, security-obsessed future

…the local and central governments seem afraid that a significant segment of the [Hong Kong] population is out to get them. Citizens, in turn, fear the Beijing-imposed national security law and the risk of winding up in prison for saying the wrong thing.

…The 64-year-old Lee’s career has focused exclusively on policing and security. He has little experience relevant to the finance and business sectors that power the economy, nor knowledge of social issues such as housing. His rise is unlikely to restore waning global confidence in the financial hub’s reputation, business executives and bankers told Nikkei Asia.

…Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute at the University of London, said Hong Kong was undergoing a process of “mainlandization” that cannot be challenged or reversed. 

If you thought the Great Plague-Spreading Hamster Slaughter was a one-off… Hefty penalties for quarantine patients not handing their pets over to the Covid Police for ‘follow-up’. Fines, too, for anyone helping furry friends avoid enforcement. As with flights and travel, Beijing insists that Hong Kong acts like a part of China, not like part of the rest of the world.

At the other end of the reputation-scale – can’t believe how good Ukraine is at PR.

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12 Responses to Manifesto might miss stuff out

  1. Mary Melville says:

    Chief Executive hopeful John Lee on Wednesday submitted his nominations to run in next month’s race for the top job.
    The former chief secretary said he’s received support from 786 members of the 1,500-strong Election Committee, well above the 188 nominations required to stand.

    Phew, life is a whole lot easier with 786 now the defining nomenclature

  2. charlie says:

    Hong Kong is toast. Get out while you can. Do not delay.

  3. reductio says:

    Ok, I’m REALLY sticking my neck out on this one, but unlike many commentators here I think maybe John Lee won’t be so bad. Yes, mainlandization will continue apace in certain areas, but they are positives to this. Here’s a list:

    1. Er..
    2. Hold on a sec
    3. Mmmm
    4. I think…it..
    5. There’s that thing…what is it?
    6. Synergy! Yes, yes, lot’s of synergy. So much synergy in Hong Kong it’ll be great.

    Or something.

  4. Plodémon — I don't choose you! says:

    As Kurt Vonnegut said in his address to the graduating class at Bennington College in 1970:
    “Everything is going to become imaginably worse, and never get better again.

    “If I lied to you about that, you would sense that I’d lied to you, and that would be another cause for gloom. We have enough causes for gloom.”

  5. Low Profile says:

    Having already motivated many people not to report their mild Covid infections with grim footage of barracks-like isolation centres, the government’s latest wheeze is to threaten Covid sufferers with being deprived of their beloved pets, thus ensuring further unreported cases. They really don’t understand human psychology, do they? And thanks to this, they have absolutely no idea how many Covid infections are really out there.

  6. Chinese Netizen says:

    Low Profile said: “…threaten Covid sufferers with being deprived of their beloved pets, thus ensuring further unreported cases. They really don’t understand human psychology, do they?”

    Really, REALLY makes you wonder about these fuckers’ family lives. Kids, spouses, in laws, etc. Must be an absolutely miserable existence with a mid to high level HK bureaucrat.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    I am glad the CE Selection is over. The suspense was killing me.

    JUST IN: The city of Guangzhou (17 million compatriots) is preparing for a total lock down. Can’t wait to become a part of the Greater Bay Area.

  8. Mark Bradley says:

    “They really don’t understand human psychology, do they?”

    They really are complete fucking idiots that should have nothing to do with anything involving the public.

  9. justsayin says:

    ‘planning to protest’ is a very clear thoughtcrime and well deserving of arrest.

  10. Stamp duty says:

    You can buy those splendid Ukrainian stamps online, but you’ll need to be patient, as their server seems to be extremely busy… for some reason:

  11. Hamantha says:


    Famous people quotes aside…

    Gloom is best not ignored, if it spurs one to action in avoiding compounding gloom.

    /I wonder if Vonnegut’s quote reassured any of the civilians in eastern Ukraine who stayed there before the Russians invaded..

  12. Stanley Lieber says:

    It seems Kurt Vonnegut was a better novelist than he was a life coach.

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