HK ordered to do the impossible

How’s this for a dilemma? Local state newspapers again warn Hong Kong – in Xi Jinping’s name – to suppress the Covid outbreak at all costs. And a loyalist advisor says that Beijing above all fears social instability here. Does anyone in Carrie Lam’s administration have the courage to tell their bosses that Mainland-style anti-Covid measures are more likely to provoke public anger (maybe civil disobedience or even protests) than the lack of them?

Lau Siu-kai’s comments on Wednesday came after Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao quoted President Xi Jinping as saying that the SAR government must shoulder the main responsibility of reining in the pandemic.

“If the Covid situation gets out of hand and people’s dissatisfaction accumulates, leading to all sorts of anti-government behaviour… that would not be what the central government wants to see,” he told RTHK.

…He said local authorities may now be under pressure to consider measures less welcomed by society, including real-name contact tracing and getting more people vaccinated “through harsher means”.

Carrie’s (perhaps understandable) tactic is to thank Beijing profusely. Back in Hong Kong bureaucrats’ comfort zone, she asks property tycoons to find hotel rooms for quarantine.  According to the SCMP

The liaison office said Xi’s message had “injected strong, positive energy” into the city. “Sectors in society are greatly encouraged and expressed one after another that President Xi’s important instructions have made Hong Kong people feel extraordinarily warm,” it said.

Among Beijing’s priorities: to show that the CCP can outperform the West through its PR-driven zero-Covid approach; and to use Covid as a pretext to encourage ‘integration’ and to impose Mainland-style social controls like surveillance apps on Hong Kong. If only it were just a deadly public-health issue!

Oh no – God the Anglican church has entered the picture. If a city-wide mass-testing takes place next week, the authorities will no doubt find tens of thousands of Covid cases. Reverend Koon, in his capacity as a lawmaker, suggests quarantine camps over the border. Another member of the all-patriot legislature proposes a Berlin-style airlift dropping cattle from drones (or something) to ease Hong Kong’s food-supply problem. 

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13 Responses to HK ordered to do the impossible

  1. donkey says:

    A few points for your erudite readers, sir.

    Carrie Lam reminds me of a thing farmers do in the Midwest when they are totally pissed at your shitty driving or your insistence on being a moron. They smile really big and wave at you from their truck driving or tractor driving hand, holding on to the steering wheel as they pass you on the highway. This is called the five finger middle finger.

    I hesitate to say this, because it may be *seditious*, but I am a bit concerned that maybe the youth that were so angry in 2019 kinda maybe had a point? Maybe it wasn’t those pesky CIA operatives causing sabotage and brainwashing? I don’t know. But if you hear anything, mum’s the word! And Bob’s yer uncle!

    Not sure why they are actually saying the quiet part out loud concerning Shenzhen “temporary” jurisdiction over Hong Kong’s health crisis. Everyone on the MTR with me yesterday was shrugging their shoulders and nodding their heads. They knew this was coming anyway, why make a big deal about it?

  2. Walter Croakite says:

    “China’s socialist dream is realised. No country has done more to lift so many out of poverty.”

    “Let’s go live to hong Kong where 88 year old women are dying in the streets, in Asia’s world city!”

    “Tonight’s guest, Xi Jinping…. Jinping, let’s talk..”

    “Technical difficulties. please stand by.”

  3. Low Profile says:

    Who are these “sectors in society” that warmly welcome every wind that blows from the north? And how come I (and, I suspect, most ordinary people in Hong Kong) never meet any of them?

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    “The liaison office said Xi’s message had “injected strong, positive energy” into the city.”

    Or pants shitting fear. That’s what’ll make you feel “extraordinarily warm”.

  5. Dr. Joe Blow says:

    Good news! You don’t have to take the Covid test (x 3) in March if you are willing to risk the fine of HK$ 10,000- That means that all rich people can skip the (useless) exercise.

  6. Weatherman says:

    The positive energy appears to have arrived in the form of cold, horizontal rain.

  7. Chinese Netizen says:

    Peking and Shit Jumping got what they wanted: a city run by stumbling, sycophantic patriots that were vetted and deemed to be acceptable in running the city.

    Buyer’s remorse now?

  8. Red Dragon says:

    Can this be a coincidence?

    If not, it’s a Sin.

  9. Load Toad says:

    @ Red Dragon,
    Checkly, is a few miles from my UK home & my Primary School was in Tean.

  10. Quentin Quarantino says:

    If China wants to avoid social instability (and I can sense feelings among the masses rumbling already) than a triple dose citywide compulsory testing regime is exactly what it does not need.

    What exactly is Curry Cunt planning to do if, let’s say, 500,000 citizens simply don’t show up?

  11. Carrie Lamster says:

    I would love to see pictures in the local papers showing the likes of Li Ka-shing (94) or Vagina Ip (84) lining up for 7 hours in the cold and wet weather to get tested. Wouldn’t you?

  12. Red Dragon says:

    Load Toad


  13. Guest says:

    @Carrie Lamster: Ip is quarantining at home after her chauffeur tested positive.

    Personally, I think she is the virus.

    After she leaves quarantine, she should head to Canada and move in with Alex “I Don’t Like Democracy, But Choose to Live in One” Lo, who’s been pushing her to throw her hat into the ring for CE.

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