‘Did I miss anything while I was away?’

Edward Leung will soon get out of prison. Having been inside for the best part of six years, he’s one of the few prominent activists the authorities can’t (in theory) prosecute for activities in 2019-20. The article says he will keep a low profile (sensible) and that he is a ‘reformed’ character (hmm). 

The CCP will keep its eyes on him. It’s even keeping its eyes on Ming Pao – the latest media outlet to incur the wrath of Ta Kung Pao. If a mainstream pro-establishment paper like that is getting a warning shot for not adhering strictly to the official line, you can be sure other Beijing-friendly media will also have to watch their step more carefully. The South China Morning Onion offers a suitably harmonious piece on Witman Hung, the ‘flamboyant’ wine and karaoke fan.

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8 Responses to ‘Did I miss anything while I was away?’

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Of course there’s NO NEED for Witman to resign from the NPC…when you’re an unelected warm body placed into a toothless organization based on your sole credentials of being an ass licking sycophant that is guaranteed not to go “rogue” in a play act to show the world the system is, in fact, representational, then why would you resign?

    Even despite the OPTICS of sheer hypocrisy, hubris and breaking of rules all the plebs must adhere to, Laugh-A-Minute Party Hound Witman will keep his seat as an “elite” doing the bidding of a government that once purged, hounded and killed the “elites” because now they themselves have become the “elite”. George Orwell is slow clapping wherever he is.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    If the Omicron virus was a person, like a senior HK government official, what would she look like?

  3. Knownot says:

    The Flagellator suggested it yesterday and this appeared.
    – – – – –

    There is Witman dazzling like a star
    And everybody telling him
    “How marvellous you are!”
    Look at Witman dazzling like a star.

    He told us all to come in
    ’Cause he knows it’s all a game
    He told us
    Take your silly mask off
    Take your frilly mask off
    Everybody play.

    The PhD from Bulacan – inspire us!
    Take a photo so the crowds admire us
    A boogie scene!
    No-one saw or thought about the Virus.

    Look out the window I see Penny’s Bay
    If we sparkle we’ll get out today
    Well done Witman and we wish you Un-
    Happy Birthday.

    There is Witman flickering like a star
    Everybody saying now
    “How sorry we are!”
    Look at Witman flickering . . .

  4. Red Dragon says:

    This outline of Witman’s Progress, leaves one somewhat breathless.


    How on Earth such a busy bee has time to party is beyond me.

    Interesting selection of tertiary institutions and programmes. Mainly distance learning, one assumes. But doing a LLM at Renmin U at the very same time as a PhD at Bulacan is pretty damn impressive unless (God forbid) one or the other was less than taxing.

    Anyway, credit where credit’s due and hats off to Witman. Clearly a bit of a Renaissance Man as well as a social lion, and you can’t say fairer than that.

  5. Mjrelje says:

    Knownot — another page for that most wanted book… Excellent.

  6. The Flagellator says:



  7. Mary Melville says:

    Hopefully Leung’s light has not been extinguished. I saw him campaigning outside Tai Wai MTR during the 2016 Leggers and was impressed. Attractive, charismatic, arrogant, drew the crowds while a misery guts FTU wannabe nearby was ignored .
    While SCMP disparagingly dismisses his 66,524 votes, to put this support into context only 5 of the 20 ‘winners’ of the recent election topped this, and they are all part of the DAB juggernaut. He was a newcomer who had never held any office and the 2016 was a real election fueled by intense competition.

  8. Discipline&Punish says:

    “Reformed character”? I have the inkling that it won’t be enough for Leung to stay quiet. It’s probably been made very clear to him that he will need to make pro-government statements from time to time as required if he wants his family to say, keep all their limbs.

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