Play safe – don’t think

Traumatized-Kids-Gate continues to unfold (background here; Standard editorial reflects typical reaction). As the first NatSec horror to be inflicted specifically on small children, this has been the most embarrassing for the authorities. Or it would be if they had any shame or awareness. The Guardian notes

Hong Kong’s education authorities sought to distance themselves from the incident.

…and indeed shift the blame onto teachers for not using their ‘judgement’. Most schools would no doubt love to distance themselves from patriotic brainwashing, but dare not in the NatSec-era climate. If a teacher deviates from the Education Bureau’s guidance notes for new political indoctrination classes, someone might call a secret police snitch line and report them. The education bureaucrats who wrote the materials also have Beijing’s NatSec officials breathing down their necks. Everyone is trying desperately to conform to the new order for fear of getting the Ta Kung Pao treatment. Not exposing the little kiddies to beheadings would have been a risk.

That NatSec ethos of people being too afraid to think for themselves extends well beyond teaching. Which brings us to Lai and other activists getting prison terms for ‘organising, taking part in, or inciting others to participate in’ the Tiananmen Massacre vigil last year. The prosecution and court maintain that it’s all about Covid and public health – nothing political, OK? For a different view, don’t miss the different but equally powerful statements in Jimmy Lai’s letter to the court and Chow Hang-tung’s mitigation.

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5 Responses to Play safe – don’t think

  1. Ho Ma Fan says:

    Which just leaves one question:
    How much cock would a Woodcock cock if a Woodcock could cock wood?

  2. Chris Maden says:

    Read this one too, in full: There are some very brave people out there.

  3. Mark Bradley says:

    Woodcock is a bootlicking cunt of a judge. I notices it’s always the same fucking stooge judges handling politically sensitive cases even if they aren’t official NSL crimes.

  4. Mark Bradley says:

    “I notice[d] it’s always the same fucking stooge judges handling politically sensitive cases even if they aren’t official NSL crimes.”

    This started after the NSL regime. Pre NSL there was a 50/50 mix of good judges and massive Statist douchebags.

  5. where's my jet plane says:

    Where has the Vaginal Itch been recently? Complining that the administration isn’t doing enough to publicise the so-called improved election.
    Pro-establishment heavyweight Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee also said officials were failing to properly publicise the Legislative Council poll, with many voters unaware of basic details such as which constituency they live in.
    Her own election material is not exactly a shining example of electoral communication – the only English contribution is a reprint of some largely irrelevant puff piece she wrote months ago. And this for someone wanting to represent the constituency that probably has the highest number of potential voters that don’t read Chinese.

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