HK Bird-Watching Society still free

HKFP describes the dismantlement – so far – of Hong Kong’s civil society through a list of 50 groups and NGOs that have disbanded under the NatSec regime replaced the city’s autonomy in mid-2020. They include professional organizations dating back to the 1970s-80s with long records of cooperation with the colonial and post-1997 administrations. Of all the ways Beijing is erasing pluralism in Hong Kong, this – along with the ‘patriots’-only rigged elections – is perhaps the most vivid reminder of Leninists’ phobia about forces they do not control.

By contrast, young Taiwan activists are joining the country’s democratic system and considering how in Hong Kong they would be in jail. 

Also in Taiwan, films banned in Hong Kong and the Mainland feature in the Golden Horse Awards. Revolution of Our Times wins best documentary.

A thread on how a pro-China Taiwanese became anti-CCP

Newbloom on the prospects for Taiwan’s Apple Daily.

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4 Responses to HK Bird-Watching Society still free

  1. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    Wondering with what deviousness they will shut down Hemmer…

    Maybe look to SingaBore: Some fabricated and totally out of proportion, outrageous accusation of having spread fake news.

    And then a fine of 200,000 HKD

    Good luck to us all…

  2. Uncivil says:

    Document 9 included civic society in its list of.Bad Things. And thus it has.come to pass.

  3. Mjrelje says:

    If that did ever happen KT Bypass, it would mean that everyone in the judiciary and government and wider audience would have seen the excellent pic of the insane Lam in the masthead but will also have had to read it in detail and would probably end up agreeing. Brainwashing isn’t that deep in HK.

  4. Mark Bradley says:

    “And then a fine of 200,000 HKD”

    @Kwun Tong Bypass

    Don’t forget the criminal record that comes with that fine. It’s ok Hemmers, under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Ordinance, your criminal record will be “spent” after 3 years though it will still technically still be there if you have need a visa elsewhere and need to prove you have no criminal record in HK. I imagine most jurisdictions you’d want to relocate to don’t give a shit about “speech crime”


    There seems to be no shortage of dirtbag sellout Statist judges in the judiciary.

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