On the way to the vaccination centre

Just a few days ago, I briefly wondered for some reason how long it would be before Chickeeduck closes in Hong Kong if landlords won’t rent them space. And voila! I would like to say how prescient I am, but it was just an average no-brainer wasn’t it? HKFP story.

The company’s premises have been subject to spot-checks by health, fire and other officials, and local staff and Mainland suppliers pressured. Next time you hear Hong Kong officials blather about a ‘creative industry hub’ etc, remember that Chickeeduck could have become a big local brand selling local design and style to the world – but now won’t.

Anyone who had two doses of SinoVac may now get a third/booster shot, regardless of age, occupation or social usefulness. Our local leaders go for Sinovac for their third dose, even though…

A government expert committee said in October that the “Comirnaty [Pfizer-BioNTech] vaccine offers greater protection,” though adding that “personal preference is respected.” 

Obviously, in an environment where they kill off budding brands for ideological reasons, officials will accept a vaccine less likely to protect them from a deadly disease to prove how patriotic they are. (Cynics might wonder if they in fact received a sneaky dose of BioNTech when no-one was looking.)

I suppose we should be grateful that the rest of us are still allowed to choose the product of evil foreign forces that will preserve our health more effectively. As it happens, I’m getting mine [checks watch] right now* (under the ‘social usefulness’ category, naturally).

As the tennis world asks where Peng Shuai is, an AP interview with Grace Meng, wife of China’s Interpol boss now purged and disappeared in the Mainland. China is meanwhile trying to get another of its officials into the top ranks at the agency.

And a weekend long read… the (non-CCP) leftist Lusan on the early 70s Baodiao movement as a precursor of the Hong Kong localist and other struggles. 

* Assuming it’s Friday morning right now. 

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7 Responses to On the way to the vaccination centre

  1. A Poor Man says:

    Chickeeduck WAS a big local brand popular with middle class families for their high quality and stylish clothes that were reasonably priced. There were shops in most major shopping malls a few years ago. Now I believe they are down to shops only in Sogo, the MTR mall in Tung Chung, and a few street level ones.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    So regarding Chickeeduck…how’s that going to help HK regain placement in the annual “Economic Freedom Index” blah blah report?

  3. Stanley Lieber says:

    @Chinese Netizen

    The Heritage Foundation’s findings have always been bought and paid for. When their most prominent local financial contributors began to give the think tank a wide berth lest they be accused of colluding with foreign forces, it was only a matter of time before the think tank had another think.

  4. justsayin says:

    I hope that the word ‘thing people talked about’ now starts trending on the People’s Internet

  5. Cassowary says:

    The Heritage Foundation’s rankings care about one thing. Low taxes. A place that doesn’t tax capital gains is going to win it regardless of how cartelized its domestic economy is.

  6. Mark Bradley says:

    “The Heritage Foundation’s rankings care about one thing. Low taxes. A place that doesn’t tax capital gains is going to win it regardless of how cartelized its domestic economy is.”

    Ding Ding Ding. Hell I still love the fact there’s no capital gains and dividends taxes in HK.

  7. Stanley Lieber says:


    Excellent point!

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