The HK supermarket sector has more competition

The ICAC – once an anti-corruption agency, now apparently an all-purpose NatSec regime enforcer – arrests three people for allegedly ‘inciting another person not to vote, or to cast invalid vote, by activity in public during election period’. They reposted an online appeal (presumably Ted Hui’s) to cast blank ballots in December’s Legislative Council quasi-election. The agency says it… 

…will take resolute enforcement actions to combat conduct manipulating and sabotaging the election … [and] urges members of the public to abide by the law, and not to engage in making illegal appeals or repost any unlawful contents in order to uphold a fair and clean election.

No doubt thousands of people reposted Hui’s Facebook message, but the ICAC action will surely spread the word: the authorities are really worried that you, the voters, will boycott the election or cast blank votes.

The weird part is that no-one has done more to ‘sabotage’ the election and encourage a voter boycott than the NatSec regime itself, by jailing most of the candidates citizens would want to vote for – and further rigging the exercise to make voting near-pointless. 

Under the ‘improved’ election system, the public at large elect only 20 of 90 lawmakers, and after nominations close tomorrow and the subsequent vetting takes place, it’s possible that many will have a ‘choice’ of three candidates for each two-member constituency. That’s the current situation in all but two of the 10 geographical constituencies: two Beijing-picked winners, plus one stooge for the sake of appearances, like Allan Wong, who…

…announced his candidacy on Monday. According to Stand News, Wong said he was told to change from the New Territory North constituency by someone “with some status in society.”

With the outcome already decided, even avid Beijing loyalists might be tempted not to bother going along to vote.

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7 Responses to The HK supermarket sector has more competition

  1. True Patriot says:

    The result will be a 99% vote in favour of the designated stooge amongst the 104% turnout of patriots who bothered to cast a “ballot”.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    What I want to see is all the cheering and celebrating by “winners” who know damned well it was pre-ordained but they’re forced to play along with the charade, pump their fists and act like it was a hard won fight.

  3. Low Profile says:

    What is supposed to be “invalid” about expressing one’s dissatisfaction with all the candidates on offer by not marking a preference for any of them? In fact I believe every election should include “none of the above” as the final option on the ballot paper.

  4. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    Letter to be sent our next Monday:

    Dear Honorable Excellency Carrie Lam,

    Now that I have studied the CVs and the political platform of all the candidates I conclude there is no one who can represent me in LEGCO.

    What shall I do?

    Please advise


    Your humble patriot and expert in outdated Mark-Leninism

    Kwun Tong Bypass

  5. asiaseen says:

    OT Unintentional humour from RTHK reporting on a HK Police exhibition in Yuen Long:
    People will not be charged for visiting the exhibition.

  6. asiaseen says:

    More OT: Headline in the SCMP that could have been better worded
    Hong Kong protests: 8 evacuated from court building after judge sent threatening letter containing caustic soda

  7. Big Al says:

    “People WILL be charged for NOT visiting the exhibition”?

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