Regina sees ‘beautiful sight to behold’

Great news for anyone who badly wants to vomit right now but for some reason just can’t: Regina Ip says…

Last weekend, Hong Kong’s billionaires stood on the street in the sweltering heat and visited low-income families to help publicize the new electoral system.

It was a beautiful sight to behold billionaires showing care for poorer people – even as a political posture. It drives home China’s requirement that all those who hold political office must be part of the people and accountable to the people.

While Reg goes to absurd I’m-not-a-freak lengths to prove herself fit to be next Chief Executive, the incumbent Carrie Lam runs off shrieking to slash her wrists over a typo in the backdrop at a press conference about Mainland something blah blah stuff. (It should be ‘zhong hua‘. Even I can see that. I almost feel sorry for those Beijing officials who complain that Hong Kong civil servants are ignorant of the motherland.)

National Carceral Week continues with Hong Kong’s authorities fighting the chocolate-and-hairpin prison rebellion by pressuring inmates’ support group Wallfare to disband.

The announcement came a week after Security Secretary Chris Tang said some groups were giving prisoners treats such as chocolate to recruit them to endanger national security.

The NGO helps channel letters and basic supplies to prisoners. One grateful beneficiary describes its fate as cruel. A previous HKFP piece on such work.

And the HK Journalists Association puts on a brave face as rectification draws near.

But wait! We’re just getting started. Hong Kong needs more NatSec offences

National security offences are treated differently than other crimes. 

In Hong Kong, only handpicked national security judges can adjudicate trials, bail is usually denied to those who are arrested and juries are not a requirement, despite offences carrying up to life in jail.

We need more NatSec laws to counteract – among other dangers lurking in our midst – espionage. (What about Evergrande? Doesn’t Evergrande seem a bigger threat right now?)

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13 Responses to Regina sees ‘beautiful sight to behold’

  1. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    Next up: Off to the Psikhushka?

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    It’s quite hilarious (and sickening) to see how low the Vag will stoop and crawl to be recognized as a “true patriot” in her lust for power. I think the commie mandarins posted in HK are quietly laughing amongst themselves at the display.

    Zhong GUO Renmin blah blah blah. I’ll bet it was done nefariously. Cockup #2 would be usage of traditional characters, no?

  3. donkey says:

    Very simple primer on what Hong Kong is becoming.

    “If the state don’t run it, it won’t run. Now get out!”

  4. Big Al says:

    I’m tearing-up just reading what Vag said. Those poor billionaires! Being forced out of their air-conditioned Maybachs/Alphards into the street in sweltering heat. Being forced out of their spacious country clubs into the cramped homes of low-income families. Those poor billionaires! And all so they can keep their snout in the trough for a bit longer. Oh, the ignominy if it all!
    I’m still shuddering, just thinking about it. So, if there is a “Billionaire’s Benevolent Fund” set up by some patriotic NGO (in full compliance with the NSL), I will be first in line to donate my life savings. I hope others will donate, too. Save Our Billionaires!

  5. Hamantha says:

    On the topic of Regina Ip…

    I was walking near the swimming pool at a not-quite-high-class private club the other day and — lo and behold! — I see a copy of Regina’s book “Learning English with Regina” laying on the chair of a Chinese family swimming nearby.

    I was legitimately dumbfounded when I saw it, and it stopped me dead in my tracks, mid-stride. I gave the book and the family a triple-take, trying to figure out what kind of place Hong Kong has become for such a monstrosity to exist, and for people to (presumably) pay for it!

    In case you want to buy a copy for your loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival, here you go!

  6. Toph says:

    @Big Al: The Loyal Garbage must feel very put upon by the extra homework they have been given if they need Regina Ip to sing their praises. I wonder whether Ip is genuinely oblivious to how cringe-inducing her statements are, or if she’s trying to wind people up on purpose.

    In the case of Carrie Lam’s backdrop typo, there is a third, albeit slim, possibility. That some in the civil service have adopted deliberate incompetence as a quiet means of non-cooperation.

    More likely they’re actually incompetent.

  7. Stanley Leiber says:

    @Big Al

    The name of your putative charity, S.O.B., fits perfectly.

  8. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Big Al: Love how “SOB” can be interpreted a few ways.

  9. Low Profile says:

    “Last weekend, Hong Kong’s billionaires stood on the street in the sweltering heat and visited low-income families to tell them the good news that they can no longer vote for the candidate of their choice – who’s probably in prison by now anyway”. Glory, glory, great news indeed!

    @Hamantha – I notice the book you linked to is Volume IV of a series – and also that the sale price has been reduced, which suggests that they’re not selling too well.

    The other day I happened to be watching an old local comedy called “Temporary Family” (失戀急讓), a satire on Hong Kong’s obsession with real estate. Regina plays a cameo part as a District Councillor. Is there nothing this woman won’t do to get more attention?

  10. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Hamantha: Maybe the family with the Vag book were recent transplants from the mainland? They didn’t know any better and, like Low Profile says, it was reduced price.

  11. Mary Melville says:

    All the weekend outing of the hapless ECs achieved was to underline how old, out of shape, boring and unattractive they are in comparison to the dynamic, engaging, entertaining and irreverent candidates who swept to victory in the 2019 DC election.

  12. Reader says:

    @Low Profile
    Whereas, in future histories of Hong Kong, Regina will (if she’s lucky) have a cameo role as a failed ex-minister.

  13. Mark Bradley says:


    “@Low Profile
    Whereas, in future histories of Hong Kong, Regina will (if she’s lucky) have a cameo role as a failed ex-minister.”

    Technically Regina is still a minister since she is part of the Executive Council, albeit a minister without portfolio.

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