Candidate-screening chamber claims first non-shoe-shiner

In its debut performance, the NatSec regime’s ‘Candidate Eligibility Review Committee’ bars Cheng Chung-tai of the localist/maverick group Civic Passion from running for the Election Committee. The vetting body doesn’t give any specific reasons for rejecting the would-be candidate, but they have a ‘negative list of behaviours’ and can bar someone for ‘things they have said and written in the past’. While they’re at it, the CERC also eject Cheng from the Legislative Council, where he was one of just two remaining/surviving non-establishment members.

Cheng says he ‘respects the decision’. It’s hard to see who’s trolling whom. 

The nativist’s account confirms that the CERC inquisition imposes a CCP-style religious test. It’s hard to see why the unjailed remnants of the Democratic Party might still be tempted to run – or try to run – for election, though I bet a few will. 

To repeat: Beijing officials and their local underlings might blather about ensuring that only patriots are admitted to ‘governance’ of Hong Kong. But this whole electoral ‘improvement’ thing is about completely excluding public opinion from any actual political decision-making – leaving the Legislative Council and other supposedly representative bodies no more than a ceremonial role. The exclusion of dissenters is purely symbolic, just as the ‘insider’ status loyalist/shoe-shiner candidates will enjoy (Gay Games mouth-frothing notwithstanding).

Yet officials still want people to vote in the coming pointless elections, and Carrie Lam is suggesting that it will be the political parties that are pointless if they don’t participate – even though her puppet administration has put most of their leading members in jail. A distinct lack of enthusiasm for elections, compared with the 71.2% turnout in the 2019 district polls, will be one of few ways for citizens to register their views.

The UK has received 64,900 BNO applications in the first five months of the settlement option.

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13 Responses to Candidate-screening chamber claims first non-shoe-shiner

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    IRT to RichS tweet above about triads: How can you jail your primary henchmen that you count on to carry out the really nasty deeds that even the GestaPoPo can’t afford to be exposed publicly for? But I’m sure he was being rhetorical.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Methinks the more one doth protest and froth at the mouth about Gay Games, same sex marriage or general equal rights for the LGBTQers, the more one has an entire cemetery’s worth of “skeletons” in the closet (and hangups to reckon with).

  3. Red Dragon says:

    What puzzles me is why the organisers of the Gay Games would want to hold them in Hong Kong in the first place.

    I wonder if Peaker of the Peak has a view on this.

  4. AHW says:

    Red Dragon – the announcement of the games being awarded to Hong Kong was made in November 2017! What a different world it was back then…

  5. reductio says:

    I ask this in all seriousness, but what is the point of a Gay games? In places where you can hold them, being LGBTQ+ is not an issue for the majority of the population. I want to see the best sportsmen/women competing and their sexuality is of no interest. Any comparison with the Paralympics is dubious as those athletes are the best, given their disability. I rather hope we have left behind the idea that ‘gayness’ is a hurdle to be overcome. Despite the blather about them bringing zillions of $$$ into Hong Kong, I’d take a bet we will be down upteen millions by the end. And who’s coming if Covid restrictions are still in place (which they will be until Jesus’ 2nd coming, and even then He’ll probably be wearing His heavenly hazmat.). I’m not trying to be smart or (where’s my crucifix?) be on Junius’ side, just like some feedback on the purpose.

  6. Chinese Netizen says:

    @reductio: I agree that there is NO point in GG in HK. The Gaymes should be held in places that actually support openness. Back in the beforetimes, Gay Games – based on media coverage – were not much more than an excuse for a huge piss up, lots of fabulosity, techno and general harmless fun (see the Nation of Taiwan’s successful Gaymes).

    Why reward a shit show of no tolerance, fake inclusiveness and Chicom enforcement with the presence of generally fun loving folks that just want a good time? The “World City” cruise ship sailed a LONG time ago.

  7. Chris Maden says:

    @reductio. I agree with your broader point: being gay is not a handicap in the same way that being, say, a double-amputee is and, as you also point out, it’s at most a loony-right issue in most of the countries where it could be hosted.

    However, I also agree with @Chinese Netizen that holding the Gaymes here will focus the world’s attention on just how quickly that toleration has been marched backwards in the five years between HK being selected for the Gaymes and the actual event.

    Very much an own-goal, which makes it thoroughly worthwhile.

  8. Low Profile says:

    @reductio – surely anything that pisses off Carrie Lam and Junius Ho without contravening the NSL is by definition a good thing?

  9. Big Al says:

    … and if it also contravenes the NSL, by definition a better thing?

  10. Din Dan Che says:

    @Low Profile- Carrie Lam is supportive of the gaymes. Mostly likely she’s been told it would show HK as a tolerant international city, which it is no longer. It would also benefit Beijing at a time when calls mount for a boycott of the Winter Olympics. Yet again, Junius Ho is shitting on the place.

  11. reductio says:

    Thougtful responses all. Ta very much. Perhaps we should have a Junius Ho award for the most flambuoyant besequinned athletics outfit. Don’t mind my tax dollars at work for that.

  12. Lap Sap Hui says:

    Re today’s title: “Candidate-screening chamber claims first non-shoe-shiner”
    shouldn’t that more accurately be:
    “Candidate-screening chamber claims penultimate non-shoe-shiner”

  13. Reader says:

    And of course, being LGBT+ is not a requirement for participation in the GG. It’s open to all – with ‘inclusiveness’ as a goal. Just a chance to be a bit competitive and have fun, really.

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