Anti-democrats purge gets weirder

When speech therapists were being led away for creating seditious cartoon sheep, you might have imagined that things can’t get any more stupid. But you would be wrong. The NatSec regime’s once-respected ICAC charges singer Anthony Wong and activist Au Nok-hin with an electoral offence. By singing at a 2018 campaign rally, the former Tat Ming Pair star ‘induced’ others to vote for Au. Electoral law forbids bribing someone to vote a particular way by providing ‘food, drink or entertainment’. 

You can witness the dastardly crime taking place here (singing starts at 2 mins). That thread  goes on to show numerous examples of celebrities and others singing for pro-Beijing candidates.

As with Benny Tai’s ICAC charge – buying newspaper ads urging the public to vote a particular way – Wong’s performance took place years ago, and no-one in law enforcement thought anything of it. That’s because buying ads and appearing at campaign rallies are perfectly legal and unexceptional ways for people to show support for parties or candidates. Activists in the pro-Beijing camp have long ‘induced’ voters with T-shirts, lunch-boxes, transport to polling stations and so on.

Up to now, it has seemed that the CCP’s aim is to use whatever means it can to persecute opposition figures, and the shredding of the ICAC’s, police and courts’ reputations has been a tragic side-effect. Now, it almost looks more the other way round: the plan is to destroy any integrity that remains in the law-enforcement, prosecutions and judicial systems through the bringing of almost-joke charges – and it’s the speech therapists and politically active Cantopop stars who are the collateral damage. 

Hong Kong’s hapless officials must keep a straight face as the CCP starts to look not just determined and ruthless, but nuts.

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8 Responses to Anti-democrats purge gets weirder

  1. donkey says:

    When you read about fascist political leaders offering no end of contradictory statements, bald-faced lies, and even corrupted systems of “justice,” you may be forgiven if you think, “Well, the author is being a bit hyperbolic to prove his point and assuage his paranoia about such turns of events.” But then you see it in person, and you think, “No, actually, fascist states really are run by bullies who are incredibly stupid, arrogant, corrupt, and sycophantic.”

  2. Load Toad says:

    Hong Kong will end up as a ‘secure’ gated community for elderly money launderers and the help hired to wipe their senile, servient arses and little more. Everyday something more ridiculous happens, the baying mob of wu maos and pro-establishment shills heap praise on these acts and celebrate every trumped-up charge and imprisonment – pouring petrol on their own house as it burns to the ground.

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    Is this not unexpected nor incredulous coming from the most insecure regime on Earth? One that consistently chooses to transfer its own insecurity by using the hackneyed “hurting the feelings of the …. blah, blah, blah”??

  4. Mjrelje says:

    Steven Vines has gone. That should sound alarm bells for all.

  5. Mary Melville says:

    And bang on cue, Farce of the Day, the dastardly crime of …………………….floating a balloon.
    Pro-democracy activists Lee Cheuk-yan and Tsang Kin-shing appeared in court on Tuesday over the releasing of a balloon during a New Year’s Day protest, with Tsang receiving a fine ($2,500) after pleading guilty and Lee to be put on trial.
    When will the loyal trash cop on, all these charges can be used against them when they are deemed to be no longer useful tools.

  6. Low Profile says:

    What if someone reports all the pro-government singers to the ICAC?

  7. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Low Profile: Then whoever reported the singers will be investigated.

  8. A Poor Man says:

    Low Profile – the ICAC officer would thank you, collect your personal information and then investigate you.

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