Another anniversary

To mark the second anniversary of the nearest thing to terrorism Hong Kong has witnessed in recent years – a Stand News investigative video on the Yuen Long attack. 

It mentions disinformation about a protest planned in Yuen Long spread on Weibo by a cop’s (Mainlander/blue-ribbon activist) wife; the same fake news later being regurgitated by the Independent Police Complaints Council in its report; a senior official from the Liaison Office urging local Beijing supporters to be ‘prepared’ for such a protest; pro-Beijing figures suggesting the use of violence against protesters; local chiefs organizing thugs; and the miraculously vanishing police. A relatively charitable reading would be that pro-Beijing elements fabricated a planned protest/invasion of the town, and authorities turned a blind eye to the subsequent vigilante attack on commuters.

Also includes Stand reporters’ confrontations with the New Territories’ patriotic Alphards-and-perms mob. (And on the subject of the police complaints process.)

(A link here also to the RTHK documentary on the subject.)

Also from Stand – a wrap-up of the first NatSec trial (including a ‘terrorism’ charge, plus much debate over ‘incitement to secession’), which has just ended. More from HKFP. The verdict will be next Tuesday. If the judges go with the prosecution’s arguments and reject the defence’s, it will confirm suspicions that NatSec hearings will be kangaroo courts.

Some mid-week links…

Taiwan to Call Itself Taiwan Shock Horror.

Anne Stevenson-Yang on the reasons Beijing pulled the plug on Didi’s IPO, and what it means for Western investors…

…after the continuing house arrest of China’s most visible and successful billionaire, Jack Ma, founder of the company with the biggest IPO in history, one wonders what it will take for the U.S. market to understand that Chinese companies are simply not investable.

She sees one remaining way to make money from China tech: sell Western companies’ Mainland operations to high-valued local counterparts, as Uber did to Didi. She predicts Tesla will do so.

Following Western countries’ recent mass-complaints about Chinese hacking, ASPI Strategist asks who’s behind it (the state) and what the West can do to retaliate (including fun ideas for messing with the CCP by getting banned ideas and content behind the Great Firewall).

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8 Responses to Another anniversary

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Who needs brown shirts? Hong Kong has baby blue & white shirts.

    Don’t EVER let the popoganda steer the narrative!

  2. Penny says:

    Also, a New York Times video on the Yuen Long attack:
    to counter the uniformed thugs (and IPCC) copapopoganda on the matter.

  3. Penny says:

    The youtube link requires you to sign in to confirm your age, stating that the video may be inappropriate for some users.
    Here is the NYT link to the video:

  4. Mjrelje says:

    Cock sucker Junius “thank you for your hard work.” He should be arrested for inciting terrorism.
    Thank you for The Jam link, just about stopped blood pressure from boiling over.

  5. Ping Che says:

    And another one joins the ranks of the very few affected by the NSL:

  6. Joe Blow says:

    Whenever you see a picture of the grinning-old-imbecile-available-for-yet-another-photo-op, tell yourself: BOYCOTT LAN KWAI FONG.

  7. Mark Bradley says:

    Was the second paragraph of today’s blog post edited/changed? I could have sworn it was worded differently earlier today. Now it’s a tad more subdued? My imagination or self censorship??

  8. Ho Ma Fan says:

    @Mark – oh there’s censorship here alright. I once wrote something rude about “them up north” and my comment appeared sans rude bit. Probably a sensible precaution to be fair.

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