A slice of life this Tuesday

Today’s top tip: If you want to get someone arrested, put a sticker on their door.

RTHK is cancelling more shows, while a former editorial writer at Apple Daily is arrested at the airport before boarding his flight – ‘collusion with foreign forces’ stuff. It seems the NatSec Regime has a list of journalists to be prevented from leaving the city. It would be strange if they didn’t.

Which brings us to a short piece with lots of pix on a former photographer at the paper who has already moved his family out

The adjustment to life in Leeds, a city in northern England, has perhaps been easiest for his 5-year-old daughter. Before leaving, Hui told her that their new home was a place where people of different skin colors and races lived, just like in the Disney movie “Frozen.”

She has been enjoying the spacious parks, huge warehouse-like toy stores and a larger bedroom than in densely packed Hong Kong. “After all she’s still young, and she doesn’t know what’s going on,” he said.

If you feel like being depressed today, see the photos of scenes at the London flights check-in at the airport.

(Some suspect that the recent supposedly Covid-related ban on inbound passenger flights from the UK is in fact a ruse to reduce capacity on the route and stop Hongkongers from fleeing. In a place with a government that breaks your door down because you have a flag on the washing rack, why shouldn’t they?) 

For a bit of light relief: Brutality against indigenous people is embedded in Anglo-Saxons’ DNA.

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10 Responses to A slice of life this Tuesday

  1. Red Dragon says:

    As (apparently) someone whose brutality against indigenous people is embedded in my DNA, may I indulge in a spot of recreational “whataboutism”?

    Here goes, all you gorgeous little Han triumphalists.

    What about the Manchurians, whose language, identity and culture have all but been eradicated? What about the Mongolians, who are going the same way? What about the Uighurs, who are banged up (voluntarily, of course) in “education camps”? What about the Tibetans, whose ancient way of life is being deliberately erased by hordes of imported commie ne’er do wells with dyed black hair?

    Without a doubt, the West has had an appalling human rights record, particularly during the long era of colonialism, but what was wrong and immoral in the past cannot be used to justify, excuse or counterbalance what is wrong and immoral in the present.

    Does red China exist merely to do no more than ape the excesses of previous ages? Can it do no better than wag a self-righteous finger at sins committed in centuries past so as to exculpate itself of sins committed in the present?

    My questions, needless to say, are entirely rhetorical.

  2. Ho Ma Fan says:

    I particularly like the eugenics angle, currently being pursued in the GT article. After all, what clearly worked out so well for one little, failed, Austrian artist will surely work also for mighty China. Han Chinese for the win!

  3. Stanley Lieber says:

    “It seems the NatSec Regime has a list of journalists to be prevented from leaving the city. It would be strange if they didn’t.”

    They’re going to work through a lot more lists before they’re done.

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    Let’s all agree Hong Kong no longer has any “core values” other than keeping one’s head down and hoping you don’t get picked up for something…ANYthing, shall we?

    It makes me nearly physically sick when I hear that mentioned in a news story (such as the Apple Daily writer’s arrest) followed by “The government maintains freedom of the press and blah blah blah are still CORE VALUES of Hong Kong.”

  5. Low Profile says:

    The Gobshit Times blithely overlooks the fact that while the Canasdian and Australian governments have apologised for past efforts to assimilate their ethnic minority populations, China is still committing exactly the same crimes against the Uighur people of Xinjiang. Then it has the nerve to talk about “hypocrisy and double standards”!

  6. Toph says:

    @ Red Dragon: But when China does it, it’s peaceful and enlightened economic development. Obviously, duh.

  7. Toph says:

    I mean look at the Uighurs, they still get to dance.

  8. AHW says:

    So those of us with Celtic, or Iberian, or Viking roots are ok, then?

  9. DikMik says:

    “They’re going to work through a lot more lists before they’re done”

    That will include all those millions that marched back in 2019. No doubt much of the NatSec Pigs budget will be spent scouring thousands of hours of cctv feeds along the route, looking to identify every single one of us that participated; myself included.

    They don’t actually need to put us all in prison as punishment; just freeze out bank accounts, blacklist us and smear us to our landlords/employers/friends.

    I bunked out of my place of birth back in March. Don’t see me returning anytime soon. My kids are gutted to lose their childhood home. Fuck you curry and your turncoat colleagues. Karma will catch up with every single one of you. One day.

  10. Chinese Netizen says:

    “blacklist us and smear us to our landlords/employers/friends.”

    Surely landlords, employers and friends will be on the shit list too at some point.

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